The Walrus & The Carpenter, the cool oyster bar

oyster bar
The Walrus & The Carpenter, the cool oyster bar

Unforgettably unique atmosphere in this establishment like no other, known for its excellent cocktails.

In 2010, three friends opened this small neighbourhood bistro with its terrace and zinc bar, riding the oyster bar trend.
Since then, all of Seattle packs in to enjoy the tastiest oysters in the city. The rest of the menu consists of a selection of seafood as well as a few classics such as steak tartare and Caesar salad.
Seated at the bar, face baskets of oysters exquisitely presented like at the market, while you choose from the selection of the day with the guidance of a very professional team. Order a cocktail accompanied by a platter of shellfish opened before your eyes or opt for one of the excellent wines of the region.
Brightness and warmth create a welcoming and fun atmosphere. As the restaurant does not take bookings, arriving early is advised, in order to enjoy the bartender's excellent concoctions, with funny names such as “get rich quickly”.

The Walrus & The Carpenter
4743 Ballard Avenue NW
98107 Seattle

+1 206 395 9227

Menu: around 40 USD