Travel Notebook: «made in Europe»

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Travel Notebook: «made in Europe»

Fly to the phenomenal European cities! The ones you will never get enough of, the ones replete with treasures, still alive and forever transforming.

Europa, the daughter of king Tyre, was so beautiful that Zeus took the shape of a white bull and came to whisk her away. Europe will forever be a frolicking princess, running free on the trails of our memory. Perfumed in Paris, spiced in London, idolised in Rome, set to music in Prague, emancipated in Berlin or under the stars in Barcelona, She will never cease to reveal her most beautiful garb. From the brush to the plate, the scissor to the stage, Europa is a diva, forever in bloom.


Travel Notebook: «made in Europe»

Paris at the tip of your nose

The Grand Musée du Parfum unveils fragrant treasures and perfumed legends, a sensory and playful journey into essences, and the art of “noses”.

One cannot contemplate French art de vivre without visiting its newest museum, the Grand Musée du Parfum. The result of a private initiative, this jewel of national excellence spreads out over 1,400 sqm. The mansion was home to a peer of France in the 19th century, Antoine-Marie Roederer, and later housed couture house Christian Lacroix. In the heart of the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, this museum inaugurates a new approach to “the nose“ by making our appendage work. An interactive installation introduces raw materials, the art of olfaction, as well as smells that reveal the secrets of things. You will discover the world of the perfume creator. At the end of this journey, you may find various creations and offerings in the concept store.

Grand Musée du Parfum
73, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris

Floral discovery at Anne-Sophie Pic's

Walk down rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, then rue Saint-Honoré (a total of 2.9 km – in a straight line through the iconic fashion district) and pay hungry respects to the Dame de Pic and her thematic menu: “Discovery”, “Harmony”, “Pleasure”, “Gourmandise”… This is where you will find 3 star chef Anne-Sophie Pic's latest restaurant, where she shares her skills in a feminine atmosphere of powder tones.

La Dame de Pic
20, rue du Louvre
75001 Paris


Travel Notebook: «made in Europe»

A passage to India in London

The United Kingdom may be saying “good bye” to the EU, but the Commonwealth remains, spicing up the British capital.

Salaam Bombay at Dishoom

If Brexit troubles you, don't worry, not all is lost for the Crown. Just revel in Indian aromas of the old British empire. At Dishoom, behind Saint-Pancras station, everything feels like old Bombay. Londoners love to head there for breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy chicken tikka in a setting furnished with antiques designed to recall the legendary Iran Cafés in Bombay.

Dishoom King's Cross
5 Stable Street
London N1C 4AB

Tread Buckingham Palace

While Elizabeth II is off on her annual summer retreat in Scotland, “crash” the royal residence for a visit, just thirty minutes from St Pancras. From end of July to end of September, 19 formal halls are open to the public, displaying numerous masterpieces… If you can't wait until summer, you may enjoy the changing of the guard – everyday at 11:30 a.m. from April to end of July and every other day the rest of the year.

Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA


Travel Notebook: «made in Europe»

Dolce Vita in Rome

Anita Ekberg's beauty was sublimated by the dip in the Trevi Fountain, but Antonio Canova's sculpture of Pauline Borghese provides serious competition.

Divine figures at the Borghese

Picture yourself as beautiful 24 year old Pauline, Napoleon's favourite sister. Young widow, recently married to Camillo Borghese, a brilliant man from one of Rome's most prestigious families. Imagine yourself naked before the greatest sculptor alive, Antonio Canova, absolute neoclassical master. His carving tools will have you make history and cause scandal. In your left hand, a golden apple for the most beautiful goddess. Here you are as Venus, goddess of love. Your beauty serving civilisation in war-torn Europe and forever creating admiration and emotion in the Borghese gallery brimming with masterpieces, by Bernin, Cranch, Titian or Caravaggio.

Villa et Galerie Borghèse
Piazzale del Museo Borghese 5
00197 Roma

Engraved in marble

On Via Margutta, home to many craftsmen, restaurants and antique stores, head to number 53 to immortalise your visit. In his tiny shop, Sandro Fiorentini will chisel a sentence or a thought of your liking at a reasonable cost. Let the Decameron's (Boccacio) prose inspire you: "A kissed mouth doesn't lose its fortune, on the contrary, it renews itself just like the moon does".

La Bottega del Marmoraro
Via Margutta 53
00187 Roma


Travel Notebook: «made in Europe»

Amadeus in Prague

Why is it that the Estates Theatre – splendid baroque building from 1783 – always gives Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart a central spot?

The states of Mozart

On May 1st 1786, Mozart presented Figaro's Wedding at the Burgtheater in Vienna. It received a rather lukewarm welcome. A few months later, it was presented in Prague, a progressive and anti-establishment city, where the public grasped the genius of the work and turned this bright narration into a huge success. The head of the Estates Theatre which was then called “Count Nostitz Theatre” (the name of the patron who had it built) commissioned an opera from Mozart, to be created in Prague. That's how Don Giovanni came about, celebrated on October 29th 1787. In other locations, Prague still boasts about precious memories of Mozart's visits, including the Three Golden Lions' house, and St. Nicholas' Church on Malá Strana.

Théâtre des États
Praha 1

A case of Mahler

On the same bank of the Vltava, you may stroll to Rudolfinum, built a century after Mozart died. This neo-renaissance palace is home to one of the most elegant concert halls in Europe, the Dvořák hall. This is where Gustav Mahler conducted the Czech Philharmonic orchestra for the first time for his Symphony #7.

Alšovo nábřeží 12
110 00 Praha 1


Travel Notebook: «made in Europe»

Good By Lenin in Berlin

Come watch the fall of the Wall just outside the former Stasi, the Ministry of State Security of former East Germany,

The fall of the Wall

More than 650 photos, historical documents and films retrace the major events in Eastern Germany – the heart of the exhibition – and Western Germany, that led to the fall of the Wall and the German reunification. The exhibition titled "Revolution und Mauerfall" ("Revolution and fall of the Wall"), revisits and illustrates – in English and German - this staggering episode of modern history.

Revolution und Mauerfall
Innenhof der Stasi-Zentrale
Ruschestraße 103
10365 Berlin-Lichtenberg

1.3 km of street art

Less than a month after the fall of the Wall, 118 artists from 21 different countries gathered in the Friedrichshain neighbourhood to graffiti 1.3 km of wall to honour love and new-found freedom. A relic now in dire need of a renovation.

East Side Gallery
10243 Berlin


Travel Notebook: «made in Europe»

Surreal Barcelona

Climb up the hill to Montjuïc to pay tribute to the work of Joan Miró at the foundation that bares his name, as well as the works of Calder, Rothko, Duchamp…

Constellations at the Joan Miró Foundation

André Breton, the father of surrealism, was amazed by Joan Miró's Constellations – an ensemble of small paintings in pure hues – which the latter used as inspiration to compose a series of poems gathered under the same title. In his paintings, Miró attempted to represent the cosmic order; the stars are the celestial world, the characters, earth, the birds, all at the same time. With that in mind, you will appreciate even more the tremendous work of this poet, sculptor, ceramist, and engraver – also known as the “International Catalan”.

Fondation Miró
Montjuïc park
08038 Barcelona

The many charms of Montjuïc

Before heading back down to Barcelona on the cable car, enjoy the magnificent vista on the city and water, as well as other tourist attractions and athletic installations in the Montjuïc garden. You may also want to continue your cultural visit at the National Catalan Museum of Art (MNAC) and admire one of the world's most complete Roman art collections.

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC)
Palau Nacional
Montjuïc park, s/n
08038 Barcelona