Varusha Pirappu: Tamil New Year

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Varusha Pirappu: Tamil New Year

Flowered floats in parades, brass bands, and Indian dance accompany the passage to the New Year for Tamils on Reunion.

Saint-André, Sainte-Suzanne, or Saint Peter, all marked by a large Tamil presence, are excellent options for celebrating Tamil New Year. Their New Year is celebrated on the day when the sun enters the Aries constellation. The day of 14 April 2016 will be marked by a series of rituals, starting with a purification rite. Each person performs a bath, and houses must also be purified. Once dressed in new clothes, the faithful attend a religious ceremony at the temple to thank the gods for their kindness during the past year. What will the coming year bring? The priest will announce his forecasts during the reading of the Pandjangam, a sort of Hindu almanac. To ensure happiness and prosperity, Tamils ​​make various offerings (often cakes) to the Hindu gods Murugan, Ganesha, and Surya.

Considered the day when Brahma created the world, the start of the lunar calendar is one of four dates in the year deemed to bring good luck.

Throughout the island, but primarily in Saint-André, Sainte-Suzanne, and Saint-Pierre

14 April 2016