Vida, tropical and healthy eating

healthy - trendy
Vida, tropical and healthy eating

With an exotic setting, Vida is a trendy restaurant, perfect for vegetarians.

A short distance from the Place de l'Opéra, nature seems to take its course. Conceived by former Miss France Laury Thilleman, the decor plunges you in a tropical atmosphere with mirrors, wicker chairs, wooden crates and exquisitely kitsch flower wallpapers. In the kitchen, Juan Arbelaez prepares healthy, gourmet and colourful plates using seasonal products. The Colombian chef is no newcomer, as Vida is his seventh Parisian address. The menu gives prominence to vegetables and cereals, with a few fish and poultry-based dishes. A simple approach that goes straight to the fundamentals: fish of the day with seasonal vegetables, a vegetarian dish made with produce from small producers' gardens, and the famous no-butter healthy burger. You can even choose between the conventional burger, the vegetarian version with celery, yogurtito (natural yogurt made with whole goat's milk, tahini and mint), rocket, and fig and caramelized onion compote, and a chicken version with nuggets, mushrooms, spinach and sauce gribiche. The same principle applies to drinks, which are simple and efficient: cold herbal infusions or "caliente" versions for organic tea and Colombian coffee.

49 rue de l'Échiquier
75010 Paris

+33 (0)1 48 00 08 28

Menu: around 21 EUR