Visiting the old town via its art galleries

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Visiting the old town via its art galleries

Nice has been a muse throughout its rich history and is still a major source of vitality and inspiration in the Riviera artistic landscape.

There are a great number of art galleries, famous and discreet, that line the maze of narrow streets. At the beginning of your walk, the Ferrero Gallery continues the mission given it by its founder, which was to exhibit the new leaders of the School of Nice. Compared to the activity in full swing on the street outside, the space evokes a sanctuary.

A few minutes away, not far from Nice Cathedral, a visit to the studio and gallery of artist Sylvie T, where the sketch artist tells tales of her travels in a rainbow of watercolours and takes what is already a beautiful walk to the next level. Passionate about Nice and with an indefatigable zest for life, she will be only too pleased to show you her pastel-coloured impressions of her beloved city.

Further north, towards the Notre-Dame de Nice, do not miss out on a visit to Eva Vautier's gallery. Vautier grew up surrounded by artists – her father's friends – and with this gallery, she is aiming to make art more accessible. She has held six major exhibitions every year since 2013, as well as special events such as experimental gigs and dance shows, all of which only serve to make the iconic gallery's immense collection even more diverse.

Galerie Ferrero
17 rue Droite
06300 Nice
+33 (0)4 93 88 34 44

Atelier-galerie Sylvie T.
14 rue Droite
06300 Nice
+33 (0)6 82 29 90 07

Galerie Eva Vautier
2 rue Vernier
Quartier Libération
06300 Nice
+33 (0)9 80 31 76 63