Whale watching: a spectacular show!

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Whale watching: a spectacular show!

Head off on a catamaran trip into the Southern Province to find the whales.

Every year between July and September, humpback whales leave the Antarctic and flood into warmer waters around New Caledonia to breed.
Although these impressive mammals can be found throughout the archipelago, the area between Prony and Ouen Island is thought to be where the majority convene. This is a unique opportunity to see these huge cetaceans during a catamaran ride – the perfect way of getting up close without disturbing them. The boats leave from Prony Bay or Port Moselle in Nouméa early in the morning before the trade winds get up. Eat your breakfast on board and navigate through New Caledonia's Great South Lagoon. You're almost sure to come across a few dolphins along the way before the long-awaited highlight of the trip. Keep an eye on the horizon for any puffs of air, as whales spout without any warning – sometimes only a matter of metres away from the boat.

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