When cities put a new spin on transport

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When cities put a new spin on transport

What if transport could take you on a new adventure? Cities sometimes have unique modes of transport that can show you the urban landscape in a surprising way.

Ever visited a neighbourhood in an upside down train, suspended over space? You can in the small town of Wuppertal just north of Cologne, Germany. See this industrial city in a whole new light.

In Havana, you cannot go to the city without a trip in a coco taxi. These rickshaw-type scooters with two or three seats are covered with a yellow cab to provide cool shade as you take in the colourful facades of the Cuban capital.

If you find yourself in London, be sure to climb aboard a Duck Tour that will take you down the Thames to Big Ben. From the pavement of the City to the waves of the river, this multimodal transport option is sure to surprise.

On the other side of the world, residents of the port city of Valparaíso, near Santiago de Chile, get around their hilly city in 15 of the oldest wooden cable cars in the world. Built in the late 19th century, these mechanical gems were declared national monuments by the Chilean government.

Dubaians are looking to another type of aerial transport: volocopters. These autonomous flying taxis, which have been operating since 2018, will let you fly from one end of this incredible Middle Eastern city to another. You will certainly be positively thrilled from the breathtaking views alone.