Yves Saint Laurent, a designer in Marrakech

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Yves Saint Laurent, a designer in Marrakech

As Yves Saint Laurent's second home since 1967, Morocco pays an elegant tribute to the fashion designer, half a century later.

Along with the city of Paris, Marrakech will inaugurate a new museum in the autumn of 2017, devoted to the creations of the style genius Yves Saint Laurent. The foundation that now binds him to his lifetime companion Pierre Bergé declared during the 2016 Paris Fashion Week that the opening of two museums (in Paris and Marrakech) would allow for the exhibition of a large part of Yves Saint Laurent's private collection.

Taking its toll from an artist as fascinating as he was disconcerting, the original scenography is sure to surprise you. Not far from the soothing blue hues of the Majorelle Gardens where the designer was a regular, the city and Princess Lalla Salma will unveil 4,000 sqm of museum space, assuredly going down in history. The date is set!

Yves Saint Laurent Museum
Rue Yves Saint Laurent
40000 Marrakech

Opening in October 2017