On the occasion of Goût de /Good France, Air France is contributing to the promotion 
of fine French dining around the world.

Air France takes fine
French dining to new heights

As an ambassador of French haute cuisine, Air France is a natural partner of “Goût de/Good France”, an event created to celebrate the vitality of French cuisine worldwide.

This year, Air France is taking part in a “Gastronomic Tour of the world” experience organized by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and on the day of the “Goût de/Good France” event until 21st March, will operate a special flight between Paris and Los Angeles, including notably a wine tasting event hosted by the expert wine consultant Paolo Basso.

Discover gourmet cuisine by Air France


On the occasion of “Goût de/Good France” Air France is launching the “Parlez-vous French food ?” campaign on social media. 

Have you ever tried a « mille-feuilles » or a «soufflé au chocolat » ? 

Watch one of our four fun and quirky videos explaining four French gourmet culinary terms, comprising our mini gastronomic dictionary.
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