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Located on the Atlantic coast, to the South of Côte d'Ivoire, Abidjan is the most populated city in western Africa. Indeed, there are no fewer than 6,207,000 citizens in Abidjan, spread out over more than 324 km². The city is divided into two major sectors: Northern Abidjan is the continental part lying on the banks of the Ebrié River, and southern Abidjan located along the lagoon. As the regional headquarters for major international institutions, the city is dynamic and offers many tourist attractions. Easy to get to from many different places (New York, Houston, Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, Washington or Los Angeles), there will be a lay-over in Paris before reaching the Félix Houphouët Boigny international airport.

Visiting Abidjan

Once you have selected your flight to Abidjan, prepare to be amazed by this surprising city. Considered by its inhabitants as the most beautiful city in the world, it has many different facets. Head to the Cocody area and discover the incredible variety of architectural styles there, with its many residential homes. You could also stroll along the lagoon or explore the huge market, where local crafts and foods are spread out over two storeys. Take a look at the Ivoire Hotel, with its contemporary and elegant style. Saint-Paul's cathedral is also a must-see. Built in the 1980's, it boasts an immaculate white façade and a huge cross. Located right in the heart of the business district with its many sky-scrapers, the cathedral rules over everything else. In it, you can admire its beautiful stained glass windows as well as sculptures by the local artist Paul Siaka Coulibaly.
If you are an art-lover, you will love visiting Abidjan. Indeed, the city has many art galleries. The Amadou Hampâté Ba and Charles Donwahi foundations present contemporary Côte d'Ivoire art, whereas the Côte d'Ivoire Museum of Civilisations traces back through the country's history to before French colonisation, that started in 1893. You can also go to the Marial shrine, just beyond the Fairmont city, or visit the Plateau mosque.
The Caistab building, Postel tower and Pyramid, with its futuristic vibe, all bring a contemporary touch.
Nature is also vastly present. There are many trees in the Cocody district, but that is not all. The city also boasts many parks and gardens. The most well-known is without a doubt the Banco park. Spread out over more than 3,000 hectares, you will notice the traces of a sacred forest, can walk along the banks of the lagoon and admire the coffee and cocoa plantations. You can also stroll among trees that are more than 500 years old and marvel at the fanicos - clothes washers who collect dirty washing and clean it in the tiny river at the entrance to the park. You can end your visit by visiting the zoological park and its 48 animal species.
Lastly, going to Abidjan also means spending time on the beach: Monogaga, San Pedro and Assinie are favourites, the latter with a vibrant night-life, as well the Cocody area, Marcory or Treichville. offers many direct flights to Paris departing from major US airports.
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Preparing your stay in Abidjan

The city has a pleasant climate, with average temperatures reaching 30°C throughout the year. However, if you do not like the rain, you may want to avoid spring and autumn as they are particularly rainy. The most favourable period to visit this destination is from December to February.

Whether it is to attend one of the many local festivals, for business or for pleasure, you can easily book your flights to Abidjan with Air France. Remember to look up the various required formalities for entering the country.
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