Amsterdam - the charm of a European city

Amsterdam - for cyclists and history lovers

Amsterdam combines old-world charm with modern European lifestyle. It's a pleasure to discover the charming streets, canals and beautiful bridges as you wander through the city…known for its laid-back atmosphere as well as its cultural heritage. Choose your vacation style: cultural or relaxed on a café terrace…Amsterdam Holland's capital, named after the founding dam on the Amstel river, was originally a fishing village in the 12th century. The city has played an essential role in Dutch history; the great port of Amsterdam during the 17th century contributed much to the Dutch Golden Age, an era of great accomplishments in the arts, science and economic prosperity. Visitors from around the world are enchanted by the waterways that flow through the city, quaint bridges and architecture that evoke the city's glorious past.

Pleasures and treasures of Amsterdam

Delight in the colors in Amsterdam, the atmosphere warms the heart no matter what the weather is outdoors, for the city's people are known for their kind disposition, friendliness and tolerance. The weather is far more changeable although you will never need to dress for extreme temperatures…Gabled facades and majestic canal-houses, as well as stunning contemporary designs are as pretty as postcards: Amsterdam has a rich architectural heritage, a feast for the eyes at every turn…discover the world's narrowest house at Singel No7, typical brick structures, original bridges such as the Python bridge…
If you are an art-lover, some of the 'must see' museums include:

  • The Van Gogh Museum - there is always a long line to view the works of this great Dutch painter but it's worth the wait. Enjoy the visit and explore the different periods of his works, his somber early paintings, his Paris period where he delved into impressionism and finally the period when he lived in Arles with his stunning, frantic brush strokes…
  • The Rembrandt House Museum - one of Holland's great old masters. Visit the home of the 17th century artist and immerse yourself in his etchings, learn how he prepared his paints and his method through authentic demonstrations of the painter's approach.

Literature meets history in Anne Frank's home

Anne Frank's house invites you to relive the girl's life, a reconstruction bringing to poignant view the diary, the experience of the silence, the despair and hope of hiding expressed in her writing. Anne Frank's house is one of Amsterdam's 38 museums. You may not have time to visit them all but each one offers something to discover and a piece of the city's heritage; from the diamonds of Holland's commercial past to Stedelilk, the national museum of Modern Art, there is much to see and experience in the city. Be sure to take a break in one of Amsterdam's legendary coffee shops or take a leisurely walk through Vondelpark, the capital's green oasis where locals often go to unwind and enjoy the gardens, lawns, footpaths and ponds that have been tastefully landscaped. Amsterdam offers a wide choice of traditional baked goods to enjoy, or travel the world via your taste buds in the delightful capital.

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