Bangalore, the "Garden City" of India

Air France offers flights for New York-Bangalore, Chicago-Bangalore, Los Angeles-Bangalore… In short, you can depart from various large US airports to the Indian city with a population of over 8 million.
Plan on at least 20 hours of travel time for a cheap flight to Bangalore and a 10:30 hour time difference with New York. Our flights always have a connection in Paris or Amsterdam.
Bangalore is located in southern India in the state of Karnataka, and it has a tropical monsoon climate. The rainy season is from May to November, the dry season is from December to April. The last month is the hottest (about 82° F). Temperatures are lower in Bangalore than in other Indian cities because it has an altitude of over 3,168 ft.
Therefore, Bangalore is known as the "garden city" of India, because it has many parks. You can take a stroll through the Lalbagh Botanical Garden or Cubbon Park.

Bangalore, the Indian Silicon Valley

When you arrive in Bangalore from the United States, you will land at a brand new airport that opened in 2008, located 24 miles from the city. Currently, you have to take one of a dozen bus lines to go to downtown Bangalore. However, a high speed train connection should soon be in service.
The airport is especially important today because Bangalore has become a very prestigious university and scientific center, attracting many businesses to the city. They call Bangalore the Indian Silicon Valley.
Bangalore, built in 1537, is worth the trip for tourists. It was one of the seats for British government until the 19th century, when India was still an English colony.
Today, you can walk along the MG Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road), one of the city's main streets that is filled with restaurants and shops. You may visit the Bangalore Palace, the Bull Temple (Hindu temple), the Shiva Temple or the Tipu's Palace, and shop in the City Market.

Travel to Bangalore: practical information

Practical information: the currency used in Bangalore is the Indian rupee, which cannot be exchanged. However, traveler's checks and major credit cards are accepted and there are ATMs in the city. Good health service is available in Indian cities such as Bangalore.
US citizens visiting India are required to have a visa and passport that are valid for at least 180 days after departure, whether travelling as a tourist, worker, on business or as a student.