Destination Beirut, the gem of Lebanon

Beirut, capital of Lebanon, has a population of more than 360,000 within the city limits and nearly 2 million for the greater Beirut area. Nearly half of Lebanon's population lives near this city.
Under the Roman Empire, Beirut was an important Phoenician city, due to its high trade activity of its port. Many archeological sites (Roman baths, Grand Serail, cathedrals, mosques, etc.) still bear witness to the presence of several civilizations on the territory. Beirut was destroyed by natural catastrophes (earthquake and tidal wave) during the 1st century and it rose again during the 19th century thanks to the arrival of many refugees who fled neighboring wars, as well as to its dynamic port activity.
Today, its trade port and the presence of many international banks make Beirut one of the most powerful cities in the eastern Mediterranean. Beirut is located at the crossroads of three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), a strategic place for international trade.
Lebanon's unusual geographic location, between the East and West, is also reflected in its diverse landscapes. When you travel in Lebanon, (4,035 sq miles) you will find arid valleys and deserts, as well as fertile plains, pine forests and waterfalls. Beirut has a Mediterranean climate and temperatures easily reach 86°F in the summer (June to September).

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Once you arrive, you may use your international bank card (Visa or American Express) in most hotels, stores and restaurants, and there are many ATMs in the city where you can withdraw money in the local currency, the Lebanese pound, as well as in US dollars.
During your trip to Beirut, you can take advantage of the exceptional natural environment (mountains, forests, arid regions, etc.) and nearly 135 miles of coastline. There are many beaches for vacationers.
During your stay in Lebanon, enjoy the variety of Lebanese cuisine: mezzes, spices and herbs, fresh vegetables, etc. You will love Lebanese gastronomy which is both festive and convivial.

Passports and visas are required. U.S. citizens coming to Lebanon for tourism can purchase a short-term, one-month visa at the port of Beirut, or Beirut International airport. Also note that the international driver's license is required for car rental.

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