Bordeaux, winegrowing region and "pearl of Aquitaine"

Founded in the 5th century BC, Bordeaux now has a population of about 240,000 and is France's 9th largest city.
The Garonne River flows through Bordeaux, making it accessible by all types of boats, even ocean ships. In 2007, the port of Bordeaux, or the "Port of the Moon", was added to UNESCO's World Heritage list. It is an exceptionally well-rehabilitated city. The city also has more than 350 buildings that are classified or listed as Historical Monuments, as well as many other remarkable sites such as the Grand Théâtre, the Saint-André Cathedral and the Porte Cailhau. Bordeaux is composed of several quarters marked by the city's history: Saint-Pierre, Saint-Michel, Sainte-Croix and Sainte-Eulalie.
Bordeaux was long referred to as the "Sleeping Beauty", and has today become a choice travel destination for its architecture, culture and cuisine.
Since the 18th century, in both France and abroad, Bordeaux has been famous for its vineyards. Wine making is an ancient tradition in the Bordeaux region and the various châteaux possess an expertise that is unique in the world. According to archeologists, the first vineyards were planted in this region as early as the 3rd century BC by the Gauls. Why not take advantage of your stay in Bordeaux to taste regional wines while following the route to see the important châteaux in the Médoc region (Margaux, Clos d'Estournel, Mouton Rothschild, etc.)?

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Once you have arrived, you will discover Bordeaux's rich heritage (art, architecture, monuments, cellars, vineyards, etc.). Why not sign up for a guided walking, bus or bike tour organized by the Tourist Office? This type of tour is an excellent, original way to discover the city and its history. Take a river ride and admire the 18th century buildings along the riverbanks, departing from the Louis XVIII quay. Whether you stay a week or just a week-end, the "Pearl of Aquitaine" will charm you during your trip to France.
Wait no longer to discover Bordeaux, where history and regional heritage blend together in an exceptional, natural environment.

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