The delights of Cairo

Cairo - an enchanted and enchanting city

Who has never dreamed of visiting Cairo, this ancient, mythical, and mysterious city, where the Nile river winds through its chaotic midst? Antiquity, enchantment, the desert and the Pyramids are all at your fingertips; take a camel ride back into the bygone years of civilization…Indeed, the attractions of Cairo are great for those of us who love the mere idea of wandering around the bazaars and streets, losing ourselves in the noisy, crowded atmosphere. The land of the Pharaohs, the capital city of Egypt, and, at last count, the largest in Africa, continues to be a major destination for travelers today.
Book a flight ticket from Washington to Cairo and discover the wonders of one of the great cities of the Arab world. The Midhan Tahrir district symbolizes the Cairo of today: modern and developed, perfect for upscale tourism and business, thanks to its attractive hotels and skyscrapers. It is also where the "Liberation Square" is located… Explore Old Cairo and the historic Islamic districts, where you will find the city's grand mosques. Go back in time as you walk through ancient streets and discover buildings which have existed for centuries.

Cairo - the must sees

Would you fly all the way to Cairo and not take the time to visit the Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza? They are a true World heritage; 4,000 years of history unfolding before your very eyes, true wonders of architecture and civilization, a worthy visit indeed. You can reach Giza by Metro, bus or taxi from anywhere in Cairo for a relatively small cost; routes are well developed thanks to the popularity of the Pyramids.
For a unique experience, the Egyptian museum in the Midhan Tahrir district is also time well spent. You will be in awe of the vast collection of objects, statues, Royal mummies, and jewelry of the ancient world. Monuments and mosques are not lacking, but do not miss the sheer beauty of the great Mohamed Ali mosque or the citadel of Salah El Din. Of course, visitors need to be sensitive to the specific dress codes and will need to remove all footwear when entering mosques!
The main souk or bazaar area, Khan El Khalily is the ideal destination for some authentic shopping. Spices, artifacts, perfumes, and merchants abound. As you wander about the souks, the hustle and bustle will conjure images of the Cairo you've seen at the movies. And there is much more to see in this beautiful city.
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