Discovering Conakry

Located in western Africa, Guinea is a small country whose capital is Conakry - a city not mentioned often in tourist guides. Located on the island of Tumbo, it is linked to the mainland by a dyke, and spreads out over 450 km². There are many sites to be seen, and its population - amounting to more than 3,667,000 inhabitants - is extremely welcoming. Halfway between traditional streets and contemporary business centres, between urbanised areas and mangroves, the city has many different faces that you can discover by flying there with Air France. Departures are possible from several airports to Guinea's capital: New York, Atlanta, Washington or even San Francisco. After a lay-over in Paris, you will land at Gbessia International Airport, located just 13 km away from the centre. Your discovery stay begins here.

A flawless trip to Conakry

The city offers a wide selection of sites to explore, each more surprising and unique than the last. Start with the People's Palace, a fairly sober monument. The building is recent - it was built in 1967 by the Chinese. Fifteen years later, the main mosque was erected - the Fayçal mosque. Its four minarets elegantly spike up into the sky. Not far from there, the botanical garden of Camayenne is a real paradise. Hundred-year trees, lush flora, colourful birds - everything to make you forget the bustling atmosphere in town. You can sit in the shade of a giant banana tree, eucalyptus or mangosteen tree - not forgetting the flamboyant tree, another local symbol. You can walk along the many paths in the heart of this urban forest, also home to the Camayenne Mausoleum where Sékou Touré rests - the country's very first President.

The Saint-Michel church and Sainte-Marie cathedral are also key monuments. The cathedral was built between 1920 and 1937, boasting a sober and sophisticated façade. The immaculately white place is remarkable and inside its walls, extremely refined colourful decorations can be found.
The town also counts many colonial houses, that you can admire when walking around. The central station is a good example of this type of house.
Others are located near the Boulbinet port. The buildings that house Romania's Embassy or the National Customs can be noticed in the blink of an eye. Once in the port area, make the most of it to enjoy a nice pirogue ride to the Los Islands. These three islands have three very different personalities. The most vibrant, Kassa, is highly enjoyed for partying. Room is the smallest and quietest island in the archipelago, and you can enjoy beautiful sunsets when standing up high. Tamara is the wildest among them. It has red sandy beaches, a lighthouse and a lush natural environment.
To get even closer to the city's inhabitants and history, you can visit the Niger market or huge Medina market; or perhaps head to the National Museum, where you can admire the many masks, musical instruments and traditional statues. A trip to Conakry is also the perfect opportunity to relax on nearby beaches: Lambanyi, Rogbané, Tokonko, Kipé, etc.

Conakry is an excellent starting point for discovering the surroundings. To do so, you could rent a vehicle (a 4x4 - more practical on the paths further out from proper roads). Once properly equipped, head to the Bondabon falls - nicknamed the "bride's veil" - located in Dubréka, just 24 km away. The whole environment is simply amazing. You can even swim there, and can dive in from the rocks. Dubréka is at the foot of Mount Dixinn, which you can climb - it will take you about 2.5 hours.
The small port of Koukoudé or the Cape Verga peninsula are also worth a visit. If you a little extra time, Mount Nimba, the Lady of Mali or the Sanama grotto are also wonderful sites not too far from Conakry. offers many direct flights to Paris departing from major US airports.
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Preparing your trip to Conakry

Regardless of why you are travelling to Conakry, you can enjoy high temperatures - around 30°C. However, if you do not much care for rain, avoid the period going from May to November - and especially August. The local Tourist Office does not have an English website, but you can still prepare your trip to Conakry thanks to our advice pages.
Once your trip is planned, all you need to do is book your flight to discover this city full of surprises.
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