Discovering Cork and its richness

Situated in the Southwest of Ireland, Cork is a city its inhabitants are proud of. Considered an old town, its origins go back as far as the 6th century. With an activity that was mostly religious, life in Cork grew and we can still admire fortifications dating back from those days. Due to Viking invasions, the city of Cork had to be rebuilt several times during the 8th century. But the influence of Cork grew bigger and by the 12th century, it was considered a really big town.

Nestled on the river Lee, Cork counts more than 125,000 inhabitants and is part of the Cork county and the Munster Province. It is also known as the rebel city as its inhabitants have always fought for their rights and were in favor of Ireland's independence.

For a pleasant experience, make sure you plan your trip properly before leaving, to avoid any nasty surprises.
Once there, you will have no problem finding your bearings, and Cork's inhabitants are welcoming and have a typical Irish personality - outspoken and fun-loving. Don't hesitate to ask them for any information, they will be happy to share stories about their town!

Cork, a welcoming and dynamic city

welcome and its authenticity. There are many places to visit in Cork, here are a few examples of what's not to miss:
  • The English Market: this market exists since 1788 and it is the best place to buy local food such as bread, fish or cheese.
  • The Cork Butter Museum: dairy products were very important for the economy and with the climate in Cork, butter, milk and cheese were produced in great quantity. This museum highlights this part of Cork's heritage.
  • The prison of Cork: this prison looks like a castle and is beautiful, but don't be fooled, a lot of prisoners were held there. It was also a women's prison and you will learn all of its stories.

If you want to discover Cork differently, try a kayak tour under the town's bridges. If you prefer walking, the city-centre is entirely dedicated to pedestrians, which allows you to connect the main monuments of the city.

Cork is also not far from the sea and starting there, you can go and enjoy a tour of seaside towns. With amazing cliffs and charming harbours, the Atlantic has many stories to tell in the region. offers many direct flights to Paris departing from major US airports.
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Practical information before booking a flight to Cork

Cork has an oceanic climate which means that it never gets really cold and it can rain a lot. The best season to visit Cork is the summer as the temperatures are the highest, around 15 degrees Celsius and it is the moment where it rains the least.

In Cork, people speak English and some still speak Gaelic but it is becoming quite rare. The currency is the euro, so you will have to prepare some change before departure or find some foreign exchange counters, you can for example find one at the Cork Airport, on ground floor.

Departing with Air France from New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, San Francisco or Washington you will have to adjust to a significant 5 to 8-hour time difference.

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