Discovering Delhi

Delhi is a city that stands out from all others. Its population counts no fewer than 16,787,940 inhabitants in a surface area of 1,483 km², and it boasts many architectural riches. Travelling to Delhi will be a surprising trip you will no doubt enjoy. To get to the Indira Gandhi international airport, Air France offers many flights from Detroit, Cincinnati, Houston or Minneapolis. After several lay-overs - Paris, Amsterdam or Mumbai - you will discover a surprising and fascinating city.

Discovering Delhi

From your very first steps in Delhi, you will be surprised with the constant hustle and bustle. The town is indeed spirited, and you will have to let yourself enjoy the energy to be able to visit this wonderful Indian city. The town is divided into two parts - the northern districts with their colourful and restless streets, and the modern districts known as New Delhi where order reigns in an elegant structure.
You can begin your tour by visiting Gandhi's last home - the Gandhi Smriti. You can stroll in the garden and follow in the marked-out footsteps of the great man we all know. Then, you can enter and visit his house. In addition to his personal belongings, you can visit a museum exhibiting all the master's artwork.
The great mosque - Jama Masjid - is located near the Chawri bazaar. It is India's biggest mosque. Built during Moghul times, the building has two minarets and several doors leading out onto a central esplanade. From there, you can reach the Red Fort on foot in just ten minutes. It dates back to 1650 and is classified as a UNESCO world heritage site. The first thing you will notice when you arrive are the high walls; they are more than 30 metres high - so impressive. Once inside, you will discover a large park, a mosque and several rooms open to the public.
Another place in the old town worth exploring is the Chandni Chowk market. These many shops, spread out in small alleyways, are extremely typical. Take the time to observe the locals, and let yourself get wrapped up in the place's electrifying atmosphere.
You will need to head to the "new town" to admire Humayum's grave. Built over eight years - from 1561 to 1569 - the monument presents typical Moghul architecture. Marble and white sandstone mix harmoniously on the façade. Inside, there are white marble tombstones.
Pursue your tour of Delhi by heading to the Jantar Mantar observatory. There you will find a huge sun dial, right in the heart of the 5-senses garden.

The Door of India stands right in the heart of New Delhi. This porch commemorates the Indian soldiers having taken part in WWI alongside Great-Britain. It is perfect for a picnic in the nearby gardens. Connaught Square is also a great place to visit. This huge square, from which a number of impressively large avenues leave from, is the city's central hub. You can catch the metro there, enjoy a meal in a restaurant, go shopping or find out more about the city at the Tourist Office.
Not far from there is the giant statue of the Hanuman god. Towering 34 metres high, it looks over the whole city. If you go a little closer, you will notice it can be visited. The entrance is through a door that looks like the God. You can then walk down the maze-like alleys leading to the temple. There are also lots of deity statues.

Do you want to experience something amazing during your trip to Delhi? From Connaught Square, simply walk a few minutes to reach baholi Agrasen. This well has 103 steps, leading down 15 metres below ground. Once down there, you can admire the architecture and - if your fancy it - you can walk under the main arch to get a look at the hundreds of bats.
Otherwise, a trip to the Lodi park is also possible. There you can contemplate two mausoleums - including that of Sikandar Lodi - whose shapes remind us of local tales, as well as the Qûtb Minâr minaret - one of the highest in the world. offers many direct flights to Paris departing from major US airports.
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Preparing your trip to Delhi as best as possible

Delhi can soon get stuffy, with temperatures often exceeding 40°C in May or June for instance. It is therefore very important to choose your dates wisely for travelling to Delhi. If you do not want to be too hot, the months of December, January and February will be perfect for you. Then, temperatures are closer to 25°C, but there could be some rain - no more than 3 days a month however. The dry season is between September and March, if the monsoon rain does not please you much.

Preparing your trip to Delhi also means checking the various formalities and visiting Delhi's Tourist Office.
Once your trip to Delhi is finalised, you can book your flight and begin your adventure.
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