Douala, economic capital of Cameroon

Douala is named after one of Cameroon's ethnic groups. It is the country's largest city, ahead of Yaoundé with nearly 4 million inhabitants.
Douala is located on the Atlantic ocean and has one of Africa's largest ports. Cameroon became a German protectorate in 1884. That was the beginning of a period of infrastructure building for the country, with many major worksites: roads and railroads, schools, and hospitals.
French is the main language spoken by the inhabitants of Douala, the country's economic capital.

Visit Douala

Douala is divided into several districts, each with their own specificities.
New Bell: Douala's popular, historical district
Bonaberi: district built on the other side of the Wouri River
Bonapriso, Bali and Bonamoussadi: residential districts
Bonanjo: this part of the city is mainly dedicated to administration in Douala
Akwa: known as the business and trade district, Akwa is also a historical area in Douala. It was named for a king of the Douala clan. It is the most animated district in the city where you will find all types of entertainment.
Douala has several tourist attractions such as Sandaga, the central market, the Prince Dika Akwa castle, the city hall museum, the flower and art market.
The fishing port of Youpwé as well as the islands of Manoka and Dejbalé are also sites to visit during your trip to Douala.
Cameroon has beautiful white, sandy beaches. They make the country a favorite seaside destination. Manoka Island is especially popular and only a few minutes from Douala, offering a complete change of scenery in a pleasant environment, far from the city noise. You can take a flat-bottomed canoe down the Wouri to discover the island's fauna and flora.

Around Douala

Cameroon has a very rich culture and heritage to be discovered.
Cameroon has a blend of African cultures. The country alone has more than 200 ethnic groups, each with their own traditions and culture. Some special events reveal the customs of various ethnic groups.
While in Douala, you may be able to attend traditional celebrations such as the Ngondo. This ceremony invokes the spirits of the Wouri River with many animations including canoe races, wrestling, dances, etc. It takes place in the Deido district.

Cameroon also has several national parks and nature reserves for animals: lions, giraffes, elephants, rhinoceros, elk, panthers, etc. You have to go to the bush in the north of the country to see these animals. Bounda Ndjidah and Faro Parks are the largest in the country.

Cameroon is the perfect destination for green tourism. During a flight to Douala , you can sometimes see Mount Cameroon, one of Africa's highest peaks with an altitude of about 4,000 meters / 13,200 feet. It is still an active volcano but you may climb it.
Cameroon has many handcrafts. A trip to the country is an opportunity to discover local products and objects such as masks, tooled leather and traditional fabrics.

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