Discovering Dubai

Comfortably settle along the Persian Gulf, the city of Dubai is the capital of the emirate carrying the same name. The 2,998,330 inhabitants are proud of their extraordinary sky-scrapers and unique shopping centres. Yet they are also proud of their culture and tradition - found in the city centre. To explore this city, you can take off to Dubai thanks to Air France and its many regular flights departing from New York, Atlanta or Los Angeles.

Visiting Dubai

Having landed at Dubai international airport - located 45 km outside the centre - you can explore the modern part of the city, or opt for the older ones first.
If you like contemporary buildings, visiting Dubai without going to the Burj Khalifa tower is impossible. With its 164 floors - rising 828 metres high - it is the highest tower in the world. You can ride the fastest elevator in the world. At the top, you will get a unique view of the city and its surroundings. Just a few steps away from the tower lies Dubai fountain - mixing water jets and light shows - and the Dubai Mall.
The Dubai Mall is one of the biggest shopping centres in the world - another record hit! It holds 1,200 shops, waterfalls, an ice-skating rink and an aquarium. The latter is home to over 33,000 species. A 48-metre underwater tunnel with take you deep into the ocean's depths. Another shopping centre is also worth a visit: the Mall of the Emirate. There you can enjoy a ski resort with 5 covered slopes for skiers and one for snowboarders.
Another tower names Burj-al-Arab rests on an artificial island and is shaped like a sail. You can also relax on the beaches at the foot of the hotel.
Palm Jumeirah - the Palm Tree, is also worth a tour. These artificial pieces of land were gained back from the sea and are home to luxury villas and 5* hotels.
The World is a set of islands once again created by Man and only visible from up the Khalifa Tower or from a helicopter ride.
The Marina is also a must-see when staying in Dubai. With over 200 luxury buildings, it is a residential area where you can enjoy a nice walk along the canals.
It is now time to take you to the old part of Dubai.
There are many souks - the most well-known being undoubtedly the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk. You can also admire the Al Fahidi fort, now a museum. Why not cross over to Dubai Creek - a stretch of sea that comes inland - on an abra, a little traditional wooden boat. These little boats will take you along the inlet, where you can get a better taste of Dubai's more authentic side. Deira is a traditional neighbourhood, with its fish market and Heritage House - built in 1890. It bears testimony to traditional architecture and has now become a museum.
If you travel to Dubai with your children, there are several parks filled with hours-worth of fun. The Wild Wadi water park has more than 30 attractions, in an oriental fairy-tale setting. You can take a dizzyingly high slide going 80 km/h, or even face a cyclone.
The Aquaventure Waterpark is the largest theme park in the Middle-East. Slides, rubber rings, bars, etc. There is everything you need to have an amazing day.
Lastly, from Dubai, you can organize an excursion out into the desert. A great opportunity to climb sand dunes, meet the Bedouin population and have dinner with them under the starry sky.

Dubai is also a great starting point for visiting other nearby cities. As distances are fairly large between each destination - the closest being 150 km away - you will need to rent a vehicle and preferably a 4x4 for your comfort. You can easily drive to Abu Dhabi and see its large mosque and coastal road, visit Al-Aïn and its camel market or oasis, and lastly Al-Fujayrah with its old port, beaches and souk. offers many direct flights to Paris departing from major US airports.
When you arrive at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport you can easily reach your hotel with the Super Shuttle, Air France buses, Citybird taxis or the Paris public transportation network (RER, metro, etc.).
You may reserve a flight for Paris or you may also reserve your flight + hotel and/or car rental when you reserve your ticket.

Preparing your trip to Dubai

Dubai has a very dry climate and it is best to avoid the hottest months - from June to September - if you want to walk outside a lot. Temperature dip and become more pleasant between November and March - only reaching 25°C. The city also hosts lots of festivals, such as the gourmet festival held at the end of February, at the same time as the jazz festival. Shopping fans can shop until they drop during the summer sales.

To find out more, head to the city's Tourist Office. You may also find it very useful to read through the various formalities required for entering the country. You can then book your flight to Dubai.
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