Dublin - Ireland's heart and capital

Dublin is the capital and largest city in the country, with over 525,000 inhabitants. The climate is typically oceanic - with mild winters, barely any frost, and cool summers (15°C on average). The city is located to the East of Ireland, less than 7 hours' flight from New York, with a time difference of +5h. Air France offers daily airline tickets to Dublin - both direct and with lay-overs. To help you book the best flight to Dublin, come and browse through our offers.

Once there, the charm of this Irish city will reveal itself to you in all its glory. Dublin is a lively city that does not suffocate its visitors - quite on the contrary, it is a great breath of fresh air! Dublin is a city with strong economic growth, able to harmoniously connect its history to its contemporary activities.

Its inhabitants are renowned for being welcoming and hearty, and you will no doubt love spending your evenings in their famous Irish pubs with a pint of Guinness in your hand. In terms of accommodation, there are lots of different solutions - from affordable youth hostels to larger central hotels. To plan your trip in confidence let us guide you with our practical tips.

Discover Dublin

By planning a trip to Dublin, you will be surprised to know that 2 days are enough to visit the capital's main sights (so long as you are always active). Indeed, it is fairly condensed - far from other larger cities in which you soon feel lost. Once there, do not miss out on the must-see sights - such as the magnificent university - Trinity College, which is the oldest in Ireland and looks like it was made for a historical movie set. You can walk around the buildings, courtyard, statues and most importantly the library, filled with 4.5 million books!

Pursue your visit with the famous St Patrick cathedral - a vestige of medieval times - then carry on to the bucolic St Stephen Green gardens, spread out over 9 hectares right in the heart of the city.

Move on to Dublin Castle for a touch more culture, the National Museum of Ireland or Kilmainham prison - the vestige of a painful past filled with Irish rebellions during the 19th century. offers many direct flights to Paris departing from major US airports.
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Dublin: a happy city!

During your trip to Dublin, you will be fully immersed in local culture. Music, customs and the arts are as typical as they are welcoming. Make a detour past the Temple Bar district, with its cobbled stones, art galleries and many pubs - you will no doubt fall under the charm of the area's joyful and colourful atmosphere. Indulge in a local cooked breakfast in one of the many pubs and enjoy a pint of Guinness in the evening. To perfect your integration, do not miss out on visiting the famous Guinness brewery - after that, your Irish training will be complete!

Lastly, for sport enthusiasts, why not opt for a match at Croke Park? If you are travelling during the summer or autumn, you may be lucky enough to attend a local Gaelic sports match. That would convert you to the local "religion"! You won't be disappointed!

If towards the end of your stay you fancy a bit of shopping, then head to Henry Street - the largest shopping street in the city - where there are 4 shopping centres! You can find all standard clothes shops there, as well as the famous Irish brand Penneys - the largest shop in the entire street!

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