The best of life in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf - a German city to enjoy to the fullest

Quality of life defines Dusseldorf, happy dwellers and visitors of this great German city make it an ideal destination for a city break in Europe. Rich in culture, blessed with beautiful landmarks, laden with accommodations and activities for families or groups, your stay in Dusseldorf will be one of discovery and pleasure.
Dusseldorf is a beautiful city traversed by the great Rhine river. In the Altstadt, the Old Quarters, tourists will enjoy the bars, which are so numerous that the main street is often considered one long continuous tavern where beers never stop flowing, sausages never stop grilling and the German ambiance is unmatched. The Alstadt is also home to important museums such as the Kunstpalast and the Filmmuseum, a must for cinema lovers. The town's vibrant cultural life is best experienced in this part of Dusseldorf as well, with the concert hall, theatre, and Opera House lying in its midst.

Whether travelling on business or leisure, with your family or as part of a group, Dusseldorf welcomes visitors with quality accommodations: numerous hotels are available in the city's best neighborhoods. There are dedicated facilities for young children and the city is very welcoming and easy to navigate for individuals with reduced mobility. Dusseldorf is a city truly designed for people of all walks of life and orientation; it's a pleasure to explore.

The beautiful buildings of Dusseldorf

A stunning blend of old and new architecture fills your eyes as you discover Dusseldorf. Postmodern structures of the Gehry Buildings, housing the Rheinhafen center of Arts and Media, or art nouveau facades contrast with the 13th century Gothic style churches, such as the St. Lambertus Basilica. You will be spoilt for choice with all the historical buildings, innovative designs, and unique structures.
Sites of interests include:

  • The Ratinger Gate, former city gates of Dusseldorf
  • The Rhine embankment- a much-loved esplanade
  • The Rathaus city hall - beautiful 16th century buildings
  • The Kaiserwerth - ruins of a Royal palace in a stunning baroque area

The wealth of architectural and cultural sites is such that enthusiasts can find a style or era to suit their tastes in the very heart of the city.
You can find out more about Dusselfdorf from the official city tourist site.

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