Genoa, a traditional Italian town

Genoa is a port town located to the North of Italy, and is the capital of the region of Liguria. In its day, this large-scale port used to boom - so much so that the town was nicknamed la Superba ("the proud one") and rivalling with Venice. Genoa is home to 600,000 inhabitants, and is much less touristy than Rome, Florence or Milan. It is also where Christopher Columbus was born - the famous explorer who discovered America. The ruins of his childhood house can be visited.

Genoa can be visited in 2 to 3 days. However, when planning your trip, remember that there is a 6-hour time difference. Air France offers regular airline tickets to Genoa with a lay-over in Paris. To easily book your flight to Genoa, browse through our many offers.
Once there, Italian is the official language, but everyone will understand if you speak English. The city is a tourist destination, historically outward-looking and thus where visitors are always warmly welcomed. To book your accommodation and get everything sorted before you leave, browse through our various offers.
The climate is pleasant albeit fairly wet, and you can stay there in the summer without suffering from any major heat waves.

Genoa, a historical town and typical neighbourhoods

Genoa deserves to be visited - the city is bursting with architectural gems and charming little streets. Start your visit of Genoa by discovering the Piazza de Ferrari - a monumental square located at the crossroads between the old town and the more modern neighbourhoods. Spend some time at the foot of the central fountain to take a couple of beautiful photos.

Then, stroll through the old town, with its little streets, small shops, markets, etc. The warm atmosphere will amaze you and be a complete change in scenery. Wander around the most beautiful street in Genoa, Via Garibaldi. As you walk, you will notice a dozen of historical palaces used to welcome distinguished guests. The city's architectural richness and luxury are remarkable.
To carry on with stylistic beauties, visit the Sal Lorenzo cathedral - adorned in grey and white hues. There are lots of other baroque churches in the city centre that are also worth a tour.
The many palaces and old buildings bear testimony to the local architectural style, and the columns, mouldings and frescos convey the town's historical magnificence. The University of Genoa and Ducal palace are perfect examples of this. offers many direct flights to Paris departing from major US airports.
When you arrive at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport you can easily reach your hotel with the Super Shuttle, Air France buses, Citybird taxis or the Paris public transportation network (RER, metro, etc.).
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Genoa, a city hooked onto the seafront

During your trip to Genoa, you can marvel at the city's splendid harbour - home to huge trade ships, cruise ships and even some historical galleons! Enjoy a lovely stroll along the Corso Italia and enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the Lantern lighthouse.
You can also make the most of your walk to Porto Antico to visit one of Europe's largest aquariums, filled with over 400 different species. Otherwise, make your way to the Biosphere - a round glass and steel sculpture in which an entire ecological system of unique fauna and flora was recreated.

Lastly, to relax after a long day walking, stop off in one the many cafés or restaurants to taste some local specialities including pesto or farinata - a famous chickpea tart - as well as many different fish and seafood dishes.

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