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Kiev - Eastern Europe at its most beautiful

Attracting visitors from all over the world, Kiev is fast becoming a city for tourism, business and culture. The capital city of Ukraine, with over 2.5 million inhabitants, is both old and ultra-modern; it will surprise and stun you. US citizens are not required to have visas when travelling to the Ukraine for stays under 90 days in duration. Whether visiting in the heart of the fabled Russian winters or during the delicious warmth of the summer months, Kiev is a city with plenty to do and see throughout the year.
The city's architecture consists mainly of early twentieth century construction with monuments such as the statue of Lenin, which bears witness to the country's Soviet heritage. The skyline is lit up by the domes of the Orthodox churches, adding to the harmonious feel of Kiev as a whole. Getting out and about in Kiev is a unique experience with an underground train system providing state-of-the-art public transportation, allowing you to explore the many museums, monuments, and beautiful sights of the capital.

Kiev - discovering the city

Take a stroll through the leafy parks, learn more about Chernobyl in the city's dedicated museum (or join a tour to visit the real thing), explore the stunning Kievo-Pecherska Lavra monastery, where are laid the famous mummified monks of ages past…Historical churches such as the Saint Sophia or Saint Andrew's welcome you to discover the religious art - mosaics and frescos almost a thousand years old.
Kiev is a vibrant city offering a wide range of hotels for your comfort, numerous restaurants for tasting local delicacies, and tons of bars for drinking specialty beers.. Soak in the atmosphere of the busy streets, shop at the stores, and enjoy high class evening entertainment, a true growth industry in this increasingly prosperous era. For more about visiting Kiev, visit the Kiev tourism website

Flying to Kiev

Air France flies you to Kiev from New York into either of the capital's two international airports. View flight dates and prices and reserve online
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