A flight to Africa: Lagos

Lagos - a stay in the Metropolis

For an urban experience in true African style, Lagos, former capital of Nigeria and one of the largest cities in Africa rivaled only by Cairo, offers an immersion into a chaotic and fascinating world. Fly to Lagos for a discovery journey, on business or state affairs, and expect a bustling, vibrant and unsettling atmosphere.
Though no longer the capital, Lagos continues to be the financial and economic center of Nigeria. Despite being in a vast and modern Metropolis, you are only moments away from an island beach, where you can have a hut all to yourself with meals prepared for the day. Indeed, Lagos is divided between mainland and islands: Lagos and Victoria, linked by bridges, are attractive destinations for the visitor with a choice of hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, parks, and golf courses.
As with most major cities, you will surely be tempted by the traditional local dishes such as the Shuku Shuku, but will also be able to find reputed eateries from around the world.

Lagos - what to see and do

A stroll on a sandy beach after a day's business seminar, shopping, eating from a humble corner vendor or a luxury restaurant on Lagos Island… your stay will never be dull in this city. Get around in the chaotic traffic on local buses, rent a taxi, or hire a private car: join the urban adventure shared by over ten million Lagosians…
Venture to the Lekki Art market where you will find sculptures, paintings, and jewelry made by Nigerian and West African artists; most travel guides recommend developing your skills in bartering, for negotiating prices is a custom in Lagos.
Great shopping malls such as the Palms Shopping Center or the Mega Plaza on Victoria Island are great destinations for a spot of pleasure spending during your stay.
Whether you are on a small budget or on a luxury trip, there are wonderful hotels, 4 star establishments that offer great quality welcome and services, as well as restaurants to match your tastes and curiosity.
It's well worth hitting the beach: go for an exclusive sunbath or take a dip in the ocean with a trip to Tarkwa Beach, which is accessible by boat, or visit the renowned Bar Beach on Victoria Island.You can also find Nigerian artwork on sale by various vendors at the resorts and beaches.
Visitors will also want to see the "Point of no Return". The 15th century town of Badagry served as a key port for the slave trade, and is a poignant and important landmark of Nigerian history. For a more lighthearted adventure, be sure to treat yourself to evenings listening to wonderful music. The music scene is thriving in Lagos and is guaranteed to move you: from soul artists to Hip Hop sounds, traditional and new beats will delight and surprise you.

Lagos - preparing your travel

When booking your flight to Lagos, ensure that you apply for your visa - applications for tourist, business and transit visas are available online.
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Air France also offers a choice of hotel reservations with your flight, selected by the airline for their high standards and quality of comfort.
Reputed for its crime rate, Lagos streets are safer these days with major efforts made by the Nigerian state. However, for all travel advice to Nigeria, consult US Government travel website .