Lisbon, a friendly city

Lisbon, now there's an original European capital if there ever was one! Set along Portugal's Atlantic coastline, the capital is home to 550,000 inhabitants. A lot of tourists travel there, and fall under its spell. The city boasts a Mediterranean climate, with an oceanic influence. The seasons there are pleasant, temperatures are mild, making Lisbon a lovely place to go even in the autumn or winter. Summers are hot but subdued by the ocean's influence. The sun will nonetheless always be around. Once there, Lisbon's inhabitants are renowned for their friendliness and joyful way of life. If you speak Portuguese, you will manage easily - if not, people there babble a few words of English too so don't worry.

When planning your trip, give yourself 2 to 3 days in the city to visit it entirely - and remember there is a 5-hour time difference with New York. Air France offers regular airline tickets to Lisbon, with departures from various US airports - either direct or with lay-overs.

So you feel better when planning your flight to Lisbon, use our guide to help you with everything that needs doing.

Immersing yourself in Lisbon's richness and heritage

Discover Lisbon, the city with the seven hills, and its magical charm. Be it for its popular side, its retro touch or its quirky neighbourhoods, there are so many reasons to be tempted by a stay in Lisbon. You can stroll through the city's streets, discover the many monuments and museums, taste the Portuguese cuisine and enjoy some local music.

Lisbon can be recognised among many thanks to its beautiful ceramic wall tiling, with dominant blue hues. Every house is more beautiful than the last - you will be able to take lots of lovely photos of the façades. This typical style stems from the local population adapting to the climate: the ceramic tiles are easy to clean, protect from the heat of the sun during the summer and keep the walls from getting humid during the winter. What is more, they are true works of art and have been extremely well-preserved. The National Azulejo Museum is actually dedicated to these tiles. To stand out from the blue hues, you will be charmed by Lisbon's yellow tram - so retro yet so attractive. Getting around the city will definitely be a fun experience.

To start off your day, go to the splendid Praça do Comércio square with its central statue of King Joseph 1st and his perfectly symmetrical line of vision, then to the Saint Georges Castle with its medieval atmosphere and narrow nearby streets. Enjoy the amazing view from the Lisbon tower, where you can have a drink on the top terrace. The city has several incredible panoramas, thanks to its surprising topography. You will get a great view of the sea of red roofs and the ocean in the background - a real postcard shot!

You can also discover the Belem area of town, with its famous tower - suspended between sea and sky, towering over the Tagus River - as well as the Hieronymites Monastery. Make the most of this visit to taste Lisbon's sweet speciality - the pasteis de Belem - a local confection made with custard and served warm. They are truly delicious…you could even bring some back for your friends and family.

Lastly, lose yourself in the typical melancholic Fado - a kind of singing classified by UNESCO as a world heritage item. You could even head to Alfama to discover the origins of this mysterious singing art.

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