Milan for a touch of elegance

Milan - city of style

The great city of Milan is home to fashion houses, boutiques, museums, and a stunning gothic cathedral, the Duomo. This major city of Northern Italy offers a true urban break filled with high fashion and culture. Glamour reigns here and you will enjoy immersing yourself in this fast-paced atmosphere, where the quality of life is high.
Book a tour to visit Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper painting, the world-renowned opera theater, La Scala, or simply go on a walking tour around the city: there are many ways to discover Milan.
An elegant combination of style and rich heritage means you will have much to explore, to taste and to buy, especially if you love beautiful clothes!

Milan - highlights of a visit

Walking on the roof of the Duomo, the largest Gothic cathedral standing today, with its amazing views of the city, you can admire the building work spanning centuries: spires, sculptures, and great bronze doors created by different artists.
Perhaps the greatest surviving masterpiece of all, La Cena or the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci can be found at the Santa Maria della Grazie church. The Renaissance painting has been restored to its full glory and you may wish to book a viewing in advance to avoid queuing on the day of your visit.
For Armani, Prada, Versace and other household names of the fashion world, you need to get yourself to the "Quadrilatero d'Oro" or the "Rectangle of Gold"; indeed, you will need gold or its equivalent for the square is dedicated to high fashion, luxury and designer labels - a true moment of pleasure and indulgence awaits you here…
For a taste of Milan's cultural heritage, the Castello Sforzesco is the place to visit: there are museums within the museum. You can trace history from the Palaeolithic Age through the 20th century, learn about the life of Leonardo Da Vinci, view works by Bellini, and more; spend a day or several in this museum to appreciate it fully. For more artwork, the Pinacoteca de Brera museum is a great destination with its superb collection of works by Italian artists from 13th to 20th centuries. Masterpieces by Caravaggio, Titian and Piero della Francesca are among the collections. From great artists of the past to contemporary art and design, Milan is an art lover's dream.
For art you can taste, the city is full of wonderful restaurants, offering fine Italian and Milanese cuisine or more international flavors; your palate won't be disappointed.
Milan's official tourist office will provide more information about hotels, restaurants, sightseeing…
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