Beautiful Naples with Air France

Naples - a city of contradictions

Fly into Naples airport with Air France and look forward to a city filled with history, popular neighborhoods, elegant and imposing architecture, as well as undeniable character and charm. Feast on what is known as the perfect pizza of Naples, city from where it is said this particular dish originates; and, feast your eyes upon the "Seven Acts of Mercy" at the Pio Monte della Misericordia church. The Italian love and passion for the Arts can be experienced through the early 17th century works of Caravaggio and through contemporary art, very much alive and dynamic in the city.
The ordinary and the luxurious exist side by side; look forward to wandering through the historic district, narrow winding alleyways, cobblestoned streets, and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Bay of Naples. At times Baroque, other times romantic : make your exploration of the largest city in southern Italy memorable with a visit to its sites, museums, and landmarks

Naples and Mount Vesuvius

No trip to Naples is complete without a day out to Pompeii and its volcano, Mount Vesuvius. Get there easily and cheaply by train and step back in time, to 79 AD, when the volcano laid the cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii to sleep forever. The remains will leave you amazed; a true insight into Roman life, wander around freely or book a guided tour for more in-depth knowledge of the history: the ancient city will be etched in your memory forever. Combined with a trip to the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, the largest Roman archeological museum today, you will get to view vast collections of artifacts, sculptures, wall paintings brought from the excavation sites in Pompeii and Herculaneum, which will complete the picture of 1st century Roman life in southern Italy.
Neapolitan museums are numerous; art history enthusiasts should not miss a visit to the Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte where Italian Renaissance and Baroque paintings by greats such as Caravaggio, Caracci and Titian, can be viewed.

A stay in Naples

Whether you are starting a tour of Italy at Naples and staying only a few days, or spending a longer time in the city, there is much to see and do. Were you deeply struck by the beauty of the Teatro San Carlo, the opera house of Naples? Then steady your emotions with a delicious coffee at a café. Finally, take a seafront walk along the Longomore or visit a royal castle, and revel in splendors of a bygone age.
Depending on your comfort and location requirements, you will find a wide range of budget, midrange, or luxury establishments to choose from. For more about hotels, visit the Naples tourist office
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