Discover Nice, capital of the French Riviera

Located in southeastern France, on the Baie des Anges (Bay of Angels), Nice is the French Riviera's major city. It has a population of 340,000 inhabitants, and is the 5th largest city in France and the 2nd largest on the Mediterranean coast.
Nice is special because it is on the sea and surrounded by hills, located only 18 miles from the Italian border, which makes it a choice tourist destination: every year, more than 4 million tourists visit Nice. The Mediterranean climate adds to the city's appeal.
Throughout the city's long history, Nice has belonged successively to Provence, to the States of Savoy (1388), the Piedmont-Sardinian Kingdom (1720), before joining France in 1860. The city's rich history contributed to its important architectural heritage.

Prepare for your trip to Nice: visits, walks, beach…

There are several must-see areas during your visit to Nice, such as the Promenade des Anglais. During a walk through Old Nice, you can stop to visit many areas: Garibaldi Square, the Court House, Saint Dominique Square, etc. You will notice many castles and private homes that belonged to wealthy dignitaries in the hills that surround the city. Some of them, such as the Villa des Arènes, have been converted into museums.
There are many museums dedicated to history, art and local tradition in the city and the surrounding area: the Fine Arts Museum, the Matisse Museum dedicated to the painter's works, the National Museum Marc Chagall Biblical Message, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Mamac), the Museum of Asian Arts, etc.
If you go to Nice in February, you will be able to participate in the Carnival and the famous battle of the flowers. In the summer, jazz and chamber music lovers will be able to attend concerts at the Nice Jazz Festival and the Nuits Musicales de Nice.
But don't forget to simply enjoy the sun and relax on the beach during your stay in Nice!

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