Port au Prince: fly into a stricken city on the mend

Port au Prince - what was and what is the future?

Doubling as a lighthouse for Port au Prince harbor from its northern tower, the Cathedral of our Lady of the Assumption was the pride and joy of the capital city. The Cathedral's importance is marked by a serious hope to re-build a new cathedral; a competition calling on architects for a new design was launched by the city's Archdiocese in 2012. Considered a national treasure, as well as the capital's religious center, the Catholic Church will one day look out to sea again…

Port au Prince - a capital city with everything

Port au Prince is made of both affluent and poor districts, with residential areas to the southeast. Characterized by tropical sun and rainy seasons, Port au Prince is a busy city and the heart of Haiti's economic and financial activities. The National Palace, also home to the National museum in Port au Prince attracts visitors curious about the cultural heritage, while shoppers would wander through the Iron Market("Marché de Fer") to discover artwork of all kinds, including artifacts from the Voodoo religion… Brace yourself for the crowded, noisy, and bustling atmosphere of the market.
A former presidential residence, the hotel Oloffson, provides luxurious stay in the city. However, visiting Port au Prince on a tight budget is also easy thanks to the wide choice of inns and hotels.

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