The Medina of Rabat

Rabat - a pleasant capital city

Lying on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat, capital city of the Kingdom of Morocco, is an ideal destination if you are seeking a vacation in an elegant, cosmopolitan city where you can enjoy the delights of Arabian culture. A residential city with wide boulevards adorned with trees, Rabat has plenty to offer tourists: beautiful monuments, the old sector, the Medina, and the new town.The charm of the capital, much less congested and busy than other important Moroccan cities such as Casablanca or Fes, blends with a modern, European atmosphere where tourists feel at ease as they set about on their exploration of the many attractions.
Moroccans speak Arabic and French and you may want to brush up on these two languages. However, English is common among the locals and you will find that you can get by quite easily. Rabat is the country's political center: the residence of the King is situated here as are all embassies.

Rabat - The Medina

The Medina is the name given to the historic sector of Rabat and is a delight not to be missed. Traditional shops and cafes lines the streets. Carpet sellers, leather goods, copper, mint and jewelry shops as well as grand monuments can be found within its 12th century walls. Visit the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, built in 1971 in a stunning architectural style, known as Alaouite, the resting place of three kings. The mausoleum also serves as a Mosque and is open for public visits.
Nearby, the Hassan Tower; attracts the visitor's eye and interest. Learn more about this red sandstone 12th century minaret tower , a mosque that has never been completed and a call to prayer that has never been heard from what was meant to be the highest minaret in history… Today, the Hassan Tower is a World Heritage site.
Whether you book a guided tour for a fuller picture of these great monuments or prefer to wander and discover independently, you will find Rabat's Medina simply enchanting.

Rabat - discovery tours around the capital

From the frescos of St Agatha's crypt and catacombs, the ruins of Chellah, the Royal Palace, Bab Rouah, to its majestic "Gate of the Winds" (one of five entrances into the city),the historical wealth of Rabat will not fail to impress visitors with its beauty and grandeur.
Yet, modern Rabat is just as welcoming: delicious cuisine in local restaurants, French style avenues and bistros will feel familiar to European and Western visitors as a successful blend of two worlds. Depending on your length of stay, you might enjoy excursions and day trips into the dessert, to the souks of Marrakech, to the ancient Kasbahs of Ait Benhaddou, and more.
Book a traditional hotel or try the more quaint Riads for a more authentic experience. They are usually beautifully decorated and have comfortable rooms available in homes converted into holiday accommodations.

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