Reykjavik, the northern capital not to be missed

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and the most populated city with 120,000 inhabitants. Reykjavik means "smoke bay", in reference to the name given by settlers when seeing the vapours emanating from Iceland's soil. The capital is also known to be the "greenest" city, with a huge amount of green areas and parks scattered around.
Reykjavik is neither too big nor too small, and you can get around easily. It is the country's administrative, economic, political and cultural capital.

Reykjavik is located 250 km to the South of the Arctic Circle. If this information makes you shiver, you have to put things into perspective. Indeed, the warm Gulf Stream makes temperatures much more pleasant: though in the winter average temperatures hover around 0°C, in summer they reach 10-11°C. Summer is therefore the most appropriate time for visiting Reykjavik. You can in fact make the most of the endless days there, and of the famous "midnight sun".

Reykjavik is linked to the world's capitals through its airport, and Air France offers regular airline tickets to Reykjavik. Flights to Reykjavik are direct from New York and last a little less than 6h. However, remember that there is a 4-hour time difference. Once there, you will have no problem being understood - as Iceland's inhabitants speak good English.

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Discovering culture and art in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is a northern city in all its glory. The destination is attracting more and more tourists, and has been a real cultural magnet since the end of WWII. Though Iceland is an acclaimed destination for admiring raw nature, its hot water sources, glaciers and volcanic activity, its capital Reykjavik should not be forgotten. The city has a soothing and warm vibe to it, the population is calm and we feel incredibly safe there! People in Iceland are actually said to the happiest in the world, and they know how to share that with us.

During your trip to Reykjavik, you will discover a town filled with typical little individual houses (no apartment blocks). You can admire the Nordic style, with its bright corrugated façades that bring frank, warm touches of colour. When visiting the old town, you will see older houses with their coloured tin roofs. Overall, we can say that Reykjavik puts a huge emphasis on modernity - with a highly innovative architecture style. Over the last thirty years, Reykjavik has built several buildings and monuments that are must-sees today: the iconic Hallgrímskirkja church and its 75 metre-high clock tower with an amazing view over the whole city, the impressive Harpa concert hall and the Sun Voyager - a sculpture symbolising Reykjavik's past and future.

During your trip to Reykjavik, let yourself delve into the country's history and Viking roots. The Árbær farm museum is a historical real-life museum tracing back the country's origins and traditions. There, you can admire the Reykjavik 871±2 exhibition - presenting various Viking archaeological vestiges.

For an even more pleasant stay in Reykjavik, feel free to mooch around the vintage shops and restaurants, where you can enjoy some of Iceland's lovely fish dishes. To finish off the day in style, why not head to one of the many warm and friendly bars, to listen to some music and taste a couple of delicious beers.

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