Fly to the Arabian world: Riyadh

Riyadh- a city for business

The capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is mainly a destination for the business traveler, an impressive modern city, respectful of Islamic traditions. You will find Riyadh both conservative and fast-moving with the times when it comes to technology and construction.
Air France provides economy and business class flights to the capital, online reservation from New York to King Khalid international airport, Riyadh. Upon arrival, you can expect heat, with temperatures reaching over 50°C in the summer, as Riyadh lies in the center of Saudi Arabia and benefits only from an odd evening breeze. Winter too, has its extremes where zero temperatures are quite common. The dress code is quite conservative and "modest" and it is recommended to adhere to this, although even in Riyadh, the younger generation may appear more westernized in their outfits. In the summer season, however, skin protection is definitely the order of the day.

Riyadh - getting about

Riyadh is a city made for cars and you will find yourself using taxis to get around due tolack of public transport (a bus service does exist but visitors tend not to rely on them). Riyadh taxis are white and readily available. On business or leisure, Riyadh has tourist attractions that are worth the visit. The recently restored, Masmak fortress, lies in the older sector of Riyadh and is home to a museum dedicated to the history of re-capture of Riyadh by King Abdul Aziz. Entry is free, but do ensure you check opening times with separate entry days for men and families.
Another immense mud brick structure to visit is the Murraba Palace built by King Abdul Aziz following his conquest of the city. The major attraction however, is the National Museum. You can look forward to a museum that is sparklingly new and high-tech, telling the story of the Prophet Mohammed, major events such as his birth, the battle of Medina…you will have no trouble appreciating the displays, video presentations as both Arabic and English languages are used.
Golfers will enjoy the nearby golf courses.
Modern Riyadh offers stunning, modern buildings such as the Kingdom Center for amateurs of modern architecture. Shoppers can go to town with a host of great shopping malls in Riyadh's main streets.

Riyadh - a Saudi dish to relish and useful websites

Riyadh provides great choice of cuisine, restaurants are abundant and from all over the world. The typical Saudi meal is not to be missed however, seek out a kabsa and savor the delicious rice and meat enhanced with spices, for an authentic taste. Indeed, nighttime entertainment is limited to restaurants and cafes, which do offer pleasures of the palate.
You also have a choice of hotels, from ultra - modern structures, prestigious establishments to mid-range hotels.

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