Discover the gems of Sofia

Sofia - a European treasure

Museums brimming with old treasures, breathtaking churches, an antique market, Vitosha Boulevard… the city of Sofia has much to offer tourists in search of European history, culture and something quite different from home. The capital city of Bulgaria is fast-becoming an important destination since the fall of the Iron Curtain, thanks to its beauty, heritage, and pleasant welcome.
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Sofia - sights not to be missed

The old center of town has undeniable charm for the visitor; historic landmarks fill the streets as you explore the capital. Take a walk to the Alexander Nevski cathedral and view this beautiful neo-Byzantine construction with its taste for copper and gold domes. Then, enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Banya Bashi mosque by the Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan from the 16th century. The gem of the Jewish community in Bulgaria is the Synagogue of Sofia; it survived destruction during the Second World War. For more gold domes, you may wish to visit what is reputed to be the most beautiful, St Nicolas, the Miracle Maker, a return to a classic, Russian style of construction from earlier centuries.
Beautiful and graceful, the temples of the different faiths are certainly worth a detour and bear witness to the country's rich history and changes over time.
For matters less spiritual but yet another example of the fine architecture of Sofia, the Mineral Baths, the old Turkish Baths are worthy of attention. Restoration work of its stunning façade and interior is underway; with plans to transform the building into a museum.Sofia is already home to no less than thirteen museums, covering many areas of archeological and historical interest. Art too, is at home in the city, with the National Art Gallery and the Sofia Art Gallery located in the capital.
The city of Sofia provides a free walking tour of the capital for English speaking tourists, with a meeting point at the famous Vitosha Boulevard: a twice daily guided visit with no reservation necessary!

Sofia - trendy cafes and good food

If you're in the mood for people-watching, a cafe terrace is a good spot for it in any city and Sofia has plenty of stylish, trendy places on its busy streets and squares for you to indulge in. Restaurants offer a wide choice of cuisine from all over the world and will suit your mood for either fast snacks or more elegant dining. For Bulgarian cuisine, the Trops Kashta cafeterias provide popular local dishes at affordable prices.
You can also mix up your shopping experience with a variety of shopping malls, open-air markets, and the flea market by the Alexander Nevski cathedral; or, make your way down to Vitosha Boulevard, the major shopping precinct for familiar brands and labels.
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