Spain: organize your trip with confidence

Spain is one of the world's biggest tourist destinations. Every year, it welcomes 50 million tourists all over the country. This destination is great all year round, as the climate is extremely mild - very pleasant during the spring, but hot and dry during the summer. If you prefer avoiding the crowds, choose your airline ticket to Spain for a departure in April, May or June. Air France offers many flights to Spain from all major US airports - feel free to browse through our offers to find the best option suited to your needs.

Once there, Spanish is the official language, but you will be surprised to know there are 4 other local languages, recognised according to the region you are in: Basque in the Pays Basque and Navarre regions, Catalan in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community, Galician in Galicia and Occitan Aranese in Catalonia. Similarly to other European Union countries, the currency used is the Euro.
To help you prepare all the formalities before travelling to Spain as planned, browse through our practical organization guide.

Spain: what holidays are all about

Choosing your final destination may be difficult as Spain has so many amazing tourist sites to visit. Whether you are looking for a cultural, relaxing or sporty trip to Spain, you will be spoilt for choice.

If you are looking to organize a sunny, beach-filled holiday, you can pick a spot along the 4,000 km of coastline - either on the Atlantic or Mediterranean side. You will no doubt be enjoying a dip in the sea! After basking in the sun, make the most of your trip to Spain to discover the colours and flavours of Spanish cuisine - known worldwide as being so delicious and friendly. Indulge in some local specialities as per local customs. Indeed, the Mediterranean climate has a huge influence on daily habits - people eat lunch late and dinner is often only served once night has fallen.

The local atmosphere is warm and joyful, bursting with festivals, parties and traditions: San Fermín, Tomatina, the April Feria, the Fallas de San José, etc. The Spanish people are very welcoming and will invite you to party with them all night long. Spain is in fact well-known for its night life: bars, theatres and nightclubs are a must-do - especially in Barcelona, on the island of Ibiza, or in Malaga or Marbella in the South. offers many direct flights to Paris departing from major US airports.
When you arrive at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport you can easily reach your hotel with the Super Shuttle, Air France buses, Citybird taxis or the Paris public transportation network (RER, metro, etc.).
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Spain's cultural heritage, deeply rooted in tradition

The Spanish culture will no doubt seduce you with its richness and typicality. Drawing its roots from a spectacular past and many historical foreign influences, Spain is a unique country. The traditional music, flamenco, is full of passion. In Andalusia, there are various themed routes to be tested.
Spain is also an artistic country, boasting works by artists such as Dali or Gaudi in Figueres, Cadaquès and Barcelone (the Segrada Familia, the Casa Batllo, Park Güell, etc.).
You can also make the most of a weekend in Spain to discover one of its historical towns, Santiago de Compostela - marking the end of the famous pilgrimage route - or Zaragoza with its fortified palace and Roman ruins, or even Toledo or Seville. If you wish to discover Spain's iconic geographical heritage, take a trip through the national parks of Cabo de Gara-Nijar, Sierra de las Nieves, Picos de Europa or Ordesa and Monte-Perdido.

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