Tahiti: paradise on the other side of the world

Tahiti and its island are part of the Pacific's paradise islands - set in French Polynesia. It is an idyllic and dream destination for many tourists throughout the world. Its climate, sunny weather and landscapes make it a prime destination for honeymooners.

The island is originally made up of volcanoes, now dormant. The landscape is thus particularly mountainous, and large parts of it are left untouched. Human activity is condensed along the coast, leaving the rest of the island wild and natural.

Tahiti barely counts 200,000 inhabitants within its 1,000 km². French is the official language, as the island is part of the French Overseas Territories. However, once there, locals speak Tahitian too and a little English - enough to have them understand what you mean.

Tahiti is a paradise destination on the other side of the world, located over 15, 000 km away from France. It is more complicated to get to from Paris than from Los Angeles for instance. Indeed, thanks to Tahiti's international airport, Air France offers various airline tickets to Tahiti, for instance departing from Los Angeles, with flights lasting a little less than 6 hours. There is however a 3-hour time difference.
For a pleasant experience, make sure you plan your trip properly before leaving, to avoid any nasty surprises.

Tahiti, a delicious stay ahead of you

Travelling to Tahiti will be a memorable experience. You will land in a timeless atmosphere, far from all your daily troubles. Experience staying in stilted bungalows - extremely chic accommodation in major luxury hotels, only accessed via private pontoons. You will be amazed by the beauty of the lagoon, and in particular of the sunsets. So romantic!

When in Tahiti, going to the beach and swimming in the ocean are a must-do. Also, if you enjoy diving, you will be amazed with how clear the water is. The underwater fauna and flora is fantastic there! For the more adventurous among you, why not organize a dive surrounded by sharks and rays.
Surfers have no doubt heard of Teahupoo - one of the most well-known surfing spots in the world! If you are still a beginner and not quite up to surfing with the best, try Taapuna - which is more low-scale.

Between two dips in the ocean, you can also savour Tahiti's delicious cuisine. Lots of fresh fish, vegetables and tropical fruit. Vanilla and coconut milk are key ingredients in local dishes, making everything incredibly tasty. For a more original experience, you could also try the local food trucks that set up in town centres in the evening. You can taste lots of specialities there - including the famous hot and cold red tuna. Make the most of the rest of the evening to take a lovely stroll.

Tahiti also stands out with its unique culture and traditions. The local music will no doubt charm you with its gentle, enveloping notes, and you will love the local dancing. There are lots of dance shows everywhere for everyone to enjoy, and you can even learn a few basic moves. If you come in July, you will be lucky enough to enjoy the Heiva i Tahiti festival - the Polynesian dance event of the year.

When in Tahiti, you can discover the charming local markets and go shopping for local produce in the various souvenir shops. You will definitely be coming back with a lovely sarong - Tahiti's reference outfit! There are so many beautiful ones, adorned with Tahiti's colours and symbols.

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