Tehran - Iran's capital

Tehran is the capital of Iran, located in the northern part of the country at the foot of the Elbourz mountains and about 100 km away from the Caspian Sea. This historical city was appointed as the capital in 1786 after the change in dynasty. In 2015, Tehran was home to about 9 million people. It is a large economic and industrial hub - which explains its huge growth these last few years.

To get to Tehran, you will be landing at Imam Khomeini international airport. Air France offers airline tickets to Tehran from Los Angeles and other cities with various possible lay-overs.
To organize your trip, you will need to remember the large time difference with the US - 8h30 with New York for example. Your trip to Tehran should be scheduled accordingly. Once there, you will have no problem being understood as Tehran's inhabitants generally speak and understand English well. Do not forget to plan all the formalities for entering the country trouble-free.

When booking your flight to Tehran, be sure to choose the best time of the year. Given the local climate, hot summer months should be avoided as temperatures can easily exceed 35°C. Spring is more pleasant, temperatures are milder and there are fewer tourists.

Discovering Tehran's riches and Persian colours

When in Tehran, delve into the capital's typical Iranian atmosphere. You can discover Persian culture in all its glory. You could for instance visit the city's various museums: Iran's National Museum presents Persian Iran's history before the Islamic era, and the glass and ceramic museum or the rug museum will teach you all about artistic traditions. The Crown Jewel museum is also worth a visit with its extraordinary collection of precious stones.

During your trip to Tehran, you can admire local architecture through the many buildings, palaces and mosques. The palaces are indeed a must-see. For instance, the Golestan palace - the former Shah palace dating back to Qajar times - is the most visited for its typically Persian architecture, gardens and fountains. The Sa'dabad palace is also open for visits and is now home to the rare objects museum.

Additionally, for your adventure in Tehran to be truly memorable and immersive, a walk through the Main Bazaar is essential. An experience not to be missed, with real local colours and many crafts: rugs, ceramics, enamels, pottery and embroideries - for a glance at local historical know-how.

Other key spots during your trip to Tehran include the huge Azadi tower (Freedom tower). Erected in 1971, the tower celebrated 2,500 years of Persian culture. The revolution in 1979 gave it a new meaning and it became a true symbol. Other remarkable towers include the Milad Tower - the 6th highest communications tower in the world. It rises 435 m above the ground. You can visit it day or night, and enjoy a splendid view of the city. Right at the top lies a cultural centre and exhibition hall, as well as a panoramic restaurant and luxury hotel.

Lastly, make the most of your trip to Tehran to discover the various parks within the city - such as Baq Ferdos with is pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The locals will no doubt invite you to have some tea with them. Custom has it for people to lay down their rugs anywhere in town and enjoy a nice cup of tea to relax. The inhabitant's warm welcome will no doubt increase your tea consumption tenfold!

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