Tel Aviv and Israeli dynamics

Nicknamed the city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv is the perfect example of Israeli dynamics. Located on the Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv is the country's economic and financial center and also has a young, fun-loving population. Jerusalem, the State of Israel's capital, is not far away. Tel Aviv acts as a capital at the international level and has foreign embassies. Although the two cities are not geographically far from each other, they are very different. Jerusalem is a very spiritual city with a past that goes back thousands of years. Tel Aviv is barely one hundred years old, a modern city with an international dimension. The city is a pure product of Israeli culture. Tel Aviv touches Jaffa. The cities fused in 1950. The economic capital now has over 400,000 inhabitants within the city, which makes it the second most populated city in Israel.

Jaffa and the white city

Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 in the suburbs of Jaffa. In fact, the old section is mainly within the latter city. Jaffa has splendid old quarters that bear witness to the city's millennium history.
Some of the oldest buildings to be admired:
  • Jaffa's old port, one of the world's oldest. It was an important stop for trade between Europe and the Middle East during Antiquity and the Middle Ages. You can still see some of the beautiful mosaics.
  • The clock tower is Jaffa's symbol and it attracts many tourists.
  • The old city of Jaffa (Yafo)
  • There is nothing like Jaffa's flea market for shopping.

Tel Aviv is more modern, but just as interesting.
  • The Carmel Market or Souk Hacarmel where you can find many local products. It is the city's largest market and it is fun to shop there.
  • The new Tel Aviv Art Museum is also worth a visit for the building and works by Israeli artists that are exhibited year round.
  • The beaches in Tel Aviv including 8.5 mile-long Tayelet beach. It is a meeting place for the population.

Going out in Tel Aviv

Young and dynamic, Tel Aviv is a paradise for night owls and event-goers of all types. The beaches are at the heart of the party. The southern districts, towards Jaffa, have become very trendy and there is a lot of animation both day and night. Tel Aviv is also known for being one of the rare cities in the Near East where homosexuality is not forbidden. For that reason, there is a large gay community.
After a day of visiting and shopping, you will have no trouble finding a place to have a drink and listen to music. Many DJs animate the city's nightclubs and bars.

Israel, land of culture

You cannot travel to Tel Aviv without going to Jerusalem, the country's capital. The thousands of years old, spiritual city is located only about 36 miles from the white city.
Another visit: Haifa, to the north of Tel Aviv, the cultural capital of this region. Check with the US Embassy in Tel Aviv if you wish to visit other areas in Israel.
US citizens require a tourist visa to visit Israel.

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