Air France, many cheap flights to Tunis

You are looking for a flight to Tunis? Air France offers many cheap flights departing from several airports in France to Tunis, Tunisia's capital. Depending on the season, Air France offers:
  • 7 flights a week departing from Marseille
  • 2 flights a week departing from Nice
  • 4 flights a week departing from Toulouse.
  • 4 flights a day departing from Paris.

For a direct flight Paris-Tunis, plan on 2:30 travel time. Some flights have a connection in Nice or Marseille.
When you land in Tunis at the Tunis-Carthage airport, located about 4 miles to the northeast of Tunis city center, you can reach the city by bus or taxi; a relatively inexpensive means of transportation.
You do not need a visa to visit Tunis, however you will need a valid passport.
The currency is the Tunisian dinar. A dinar is worth approximately $ .61. The cost of life is less than in the United States.

Tunis: medina, modern city and French influence

You would like to take a flight for Tunis ? Let's go! Tunis is the capital of Tunisia and the most populated city with 738,000 inhabitants (2.4 million for the greater Tunis area). It is located in the north of the country, on the Golf of Tunis. It has a Mediterranean climate with very dry, sometimes torrid summers, and damp winters. The most pleasant times to travel to Tunis are between March and April, when there is less precipitation and the temperatures are still bearable.
Tunis has a long history, particularly marked by Punic, Greek and Roman presence during Antiquity, as well as being a French protectorate until 1956. Today, Tunis is on UNESCO's World Heritage list.
You may begin your visit of Tunis with the medina, the authentic historical center, founded in 698 AD. It shelters many palaces and mosques. You can walk through the winding streets in the souks, and bargain for souvenirs, leather products and clothing!
The medina is built on a hill that gently slopes to the Tunis lake, right next to the new city that was strongly influenced by France with its Haussmann-style avenues, such as Bourguiba Avenue, the name of the father of Tunisian independence, a sort of Tunisian Champs-Elysées. The adjacent streets are lined with art-deco type buildings from the 30s.

Visit Tunis and the surrounding area: Carthage, Sidi Bou Said, etc.

There is a lot to visit in Tunis, as well as in the surrounding area. The suburbs, to begin with, like the old Goulette district, a melting pot area where there are many seafood restaurants. You must make a visit to the ruins in Carthage. You will see ruins from the Roman and Byzantine periods.
Don't miss Sidi Bou Said, a charming village that is close by. You will love the pretty white houses with their deep blue shutters, often enhanced with omnipresent pink bougainvillea that overlook the beautiful Mediterranean sea. Make sure to stop for a famous cup of mint tea at the "Café des Délices".
You can also discover the fabulous beaches in Tunisia, like those at Hammamet, located only about 36 miles from Tunis, where you can also visit the lovely old city.
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