The marvels of Vienna

Vienna - still imperial and grand

Air France offers cheap flights to the ancient home of the Habsburg court, the Imperial seat of the Holy Roman Empire and of the Austrian Empire, and the magnificent city of Vienna today. Whether as part of a world tour, or a city break, Vienna does count as one of those dream destinations filled with the promise of fine architecture, opera, and classical music.
Discover the season of grand balls, the Baroque gardens and parks, the traditional apple strudel and the stunning buildings and palaces. Comfortable walking shoes, evening gowns, and a taste for the good life are just some of the things to bring with you to Vienna…

Vienna - Baroque palaces and other must-sees

What better way to walk in the shoes of the great Habsburg monarchs than to visit the baroque Schonnbrun Palace, grand and truly majestic, a summer residence for Empress Sisi built in the middle of the 17th century. A great family day out for sure, as the vast palace contains a magnificent park, a zoo, a labyrinth, as well as stunning rooms open to visitors.
Hofburg or the Imperial Palace, official residence of the President of the Republic of Austria holds many riches and treasures within its walls, an absolute must-see. You could return many times because the palace houses museums with several prestigious collections. View the Imperial Crown, be struck by the beauty of the National library's state hall, visualize European history through the collection of arms and armor, or enjoy the grandeur of the private apartments of the Imperial family.
Belvedere Palace is another sight that will impress you with its baroque, dramatic and plush style. A magnificent palace originally built for a Savoy Prince in the 18th century.
St. Stephens Cathedral, a 12th century church of great beauty, stands out in Vienna as a Gothic masterpiece combined with Romanesque architecture. The City Hall of Vienna, the Rathaus, is also a great example of Neo-gothic construction and a wonderful place to view splendid interiors and gardens, a true symbol of the city's magnificence.

Vienna - music in the air

No one can mention Vienna without speaking of its great musical heritage, home to many composers of classical music. Operas, operettas: Vienna is a music capital of the world and you may wish to book a seat for the great Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra! Pop and Rock music also have their place in the city with concerts of great quality throughout the year. Check Vienna's cultural calendar for all music events (see below).
For the more active, trendy visitor, Vienna has a great nightlife and "hip scene" scattered across the vast capital: new forms of art, latest fashions and design add another facet to Vienna, a vast ancient city that continues to move forward…
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