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Administrative fees are administrative costs related to the sale of a ticket.
They apply to requests to change or refund a ticket (except tickets that allow changes and refunds at no extra charge, and tickets issued for infants under 2 years of age).
Administrative fees vary depending on:
- point of sale (online, Air France ticket office, etc.),
- place of issuance (online or by phone, etc.).

Administrative fees
Changes made at or Self-Service Kiosk Changes made at airport or city ticket office Changes made via phone reservations
Modifying or canceling a ticket no fee $20 no fee
Offline re-issue of Third Party tickets NA $50 for non full-flex fares
$0 for full-flex fares
 $50 for non full-flex fares
$0 for full-flex fares

Please note that Administrative fees are in addition to any penalties associated with the fare rules (most fares require a penalty be paid in order to change or refund a ticket).