Destination of the month: The Nordics

Experience the life, history and culture of the Nordic countries, which includes Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Known as the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is a cultural and geographic link between mainland Europe and Scandinavia. The metropolis is filled with shopping, culture and nightlife yet is still intimate and easy to navigate. Originally a Viking fishing village founded in the 10th century, Copenhagen is now a top tourist destination in Northern Europe. Stroll the picturesque Nyhavn, explore Tivoli Gardens and get lost in Rosenborg Castle.

Oslo, Norway:

Oslo, the capital and largest city of Norway, is also the demographic and economic center of the country. The city is nestled between the Oslofjord and the forests, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers. Discover the city and its major tourist sites by bike, especially during the summer months.

Stockholm, Sweden:

Compromised of 14 islands and connected by 40 bridges on Lake Malaren, Stockholm is considered the largest city in the Nordic countries. Often called the “Venice of the North”, 30% of the city is made up of waterways and 30% is made up of green spaces. Make sure to explore the famous old town, Gamla Stan, filled with authentic Swedish restaurants and boutique shops.

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