Destination of the month: The British Isles

Explore the United Kingdom and discover a world between land and sea. From castles to wilderness, discover the main cities : London, Edinburgh and Dublin.

London :

One of the largest cities in the world and the main capital of the United Kingdom, London is a metropolis filled with people, culture and events. London includes plenty of prominent tourist sites, including the Big Ben, Parliament, London Eye, and Buckingham Palace. Experience London like a true local and take the ‘tube´ to all your destinations. After a long day of sightseeing, be sure to enjoy a nice meal at a local pub and also spend an afternoon for ‘high tea´.

Edinburgh :

Known as the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh manages to combine both ancient and modern in a Scottish atmosphere. The emblem of the city, Edinburgh Castle, is perched at the top of a rocky peak and is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Edinburgh is a city with two different faces – medieval and modern. Be sure to check out Old Town, a neighborhood built in the Middle Ages and filled with narrow winding streets, monuments and historical pubs.


The capital of Ireland, Dublin is the most popular entrypoint into Ireland. Most of the population of Ireland is based within the Greater Dublin area, however the center of the city is fairly small and can be navigated by foot. As for Dublin's neighborhoods, they revolve around three centers—the pub, the church, and the stadium—just like the three-leafed Irish shamrock. Be sure to check out some of the local pubs as well as the Guinness Storehouse; their most famous beer!

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