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Beirut, cultured and festive

Cultural during the day, exciting at night, Beirut has managed to make itself modern in order to become an attractive destination. The booking of an airline ticket to Beirut allows you to witness a dynamic capital that reflects Lebanon, which has benefited from the heterogeneity of its people.

An escape into the old town awaits you after arriving from a flight to Beirut. Everything from Martyrs' Square to the majestic Al Omari Mosque to the Saint George Cathedral, dive into the heart of this Middle Eastern capital that has made diversity its greatest strength.

Essential archaeological site, Beirut constitutes a historic treasure in itself. From the Roman thermal baths to the Grand Serail, jewel from the Ottoman era, the town centre offers you a journey down the corridors of time. Not far from Beirut, allow yourself a detour heading for the pink ruins of Byblos or the Temple of Bacchus, a state of wonder awaits you. Set off to meet the welcoming people in the Souk Bourj Hammoud, at the heart of the Armenian Quarter. Stroll the length of the Corniche and take a seat on a café terrace, which are scattered along the seafront, in order to enjoy an impressive view over Pigeons' Rock.

Beirut is overflowing with bars, cafés, restaurants and night clubs, which make it a destination full of life. Without a doubt, it's the Hamra Quarter, with its cosmopolitan ambience that is most representative of the exciting Lebanese night life. With an airline ticket to Beirut, make the most of the cultural richness that can be seen in the numerous museums and galleries of the city. Don't miss out on the precious Sursock House or the Sursock Museum, which is right opposite. The museums temporary expositions offer an interesting overview of modern Lebanese artists. Those keen on archaeology will marvel at the excavations on show at the heart of the American University of Beirut.