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Moroccan Dirham

Casablanca, the mythical ‘white city'

Modern, vibrant, and festive, Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco. Its dynamism, Art Deco architecture, and mild climate make it a choice destination.

Casablanca irresistibly evokes travel, sun, architecture, and, of course, commerce. The most European of the Moroccan cities is also the largest in the kingdom, boasting a population approaching five million. With its business appeal, Casablanca is always vibrant and continues to expand: the opening of the new fishing port, in early 2017, and the development of a technology park alongside a gleaming new infrastructure means that Greater Casablanca is on its way.

Though proud of its flourishing economy, Casablanca has not forgotten its soul and traditions. ‘Casa', as its residents call it, must be experienced on foot, neighbourhood by neighbourhood. At the centre of the city, its unique Art Deco and Neo-Moorish architecture has been preserved. Just up Mohammed V Avenue to the square of the same name are buildings and houses from the 1930s with their pure and elegant lines. Lose yourself in the streets, keep your eyes open, and let yourself be seduced by an abundance of marvellous architectural detail.

On the city's coastline, ​​Anfa offers a fine example of spectacular Art Deco houses while the Old Medina is faithful to traditional Morocco. In the same style, the Habous district is lively with artisans and merchants. Booksellers, antique dealers, and tailors have all set up shop here. The souks in Habous are the most famous in the city, especially those selling olives and spices.

To the west, towards the sea, is the commercial port opposite the ancient citadel. Exposed to the winds and tides, the divine Hassan II Mosque is unmistakable. This masterpiece took 10,000 artisans nearly six years to build. It is the zenith of Moroccan architectural art.

Explore the coastline with its beautiful beaches, sunny restaurants, and trendy bars. The terraces are divine at sunset, and are filled with Casablancans all weekend long. Later in the evening, the discos take over in this city that never sleeps.

And while you're on holiday in Casablanca, why not check out Essaouira and Agadir?


Casablanca map

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