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Guadeloupe, set a course for escapism

Haven of freedom and serenity, Guadeloupe is a sought after getaway in the Caribbean. Enchanting setting, dream climate: a flight to Guadeloupe immerses you in a little sanctuary of paradise, where the local culture and the gastronomy will not fail to make your stay unforgettable.

A trip to Guadeloupe will allow you to discover one of the best preserved archipelagos of the West Indies, formed of islands each more enchanting than the last. Les Saintes, Marie Galante, la Désirade: in every age, these names - which summon sweet longings – have fascinated poets and musicians... All around Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre, bays with white sand can be found at the end of captivating inlets, stirred by the trade winds and bathed in sunlight all year round.

Guadeloupe also offers you a large diversity of scenery, from the Soufrière volcano, to the Atlantic coastline, with its agitated waters, or the Caribbean facing, which is more calm. Numerous water sports take place on the island, with underwater diving taking first place, which opens the door to the discovery of multi-coloured coral and tropical fish. It's the same on the surface of the water too, whether you are more jet ski or sail boat, all paths lead to Guadeloupe!

From Europe, Africa and America, Guadeloupe has received numerous influences that find expression in the Creole culture. Everything from the restaurants of Pointe-à-Pitre, to those of Basse-Terre to the countless beach huts or mobile shacks with 'bokit' sandwiches, your stay in Guadeloupe will be an absolute delight! The rich Creole gastronomy finds its full expression there, made sublime by the seafood and shellfish caught and gathered on the island. Grilled lobster, chicken Colombo, a 'blaff' of clams or a fricassee of lambis, accompanied with delicious Creole sauces, making your escape to Guadeloupe a joy for all the senses.