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Jordan and its architectural treasures

Air France offers lots of flights to Amman, the capital of Jordan, where the magnificent ruins of Jabal al-Qal’a lie, forming Amman’s citadel. In the city centre, right at the top of a hill, the citadel bears testimony to the many civilisations that thrived there, as well as of the town’s rich past: Hercules’ temple and the Umayyad palace lie beside Hercules’ colossus. When travelling to Amman, you cannot miss out on visiting the antique Roman theatre built during the 2nd century after Christ. Amman is renowned for its pleasant lifestyle; you can stop off and enjoy some delicious falafels or a local coffee. Another key moment of your trip to Jordan will be your visit of Petra, also known as the “pink city”. Lots of the temples, monasteries and tombs were built into the pink sandstone cliffs; the most renowned is that of Al-Khazneh, referred to as the “Treasure” - the world’s 7th wonder. If you are wondering what to do in Jordan, ask to visit Petra by night: some evenings, Al-Khazneh is lit up with 1,500 candles - a truly magical experience.

Jordan’s seas and their benefits

Swimming in the Dead Sea is an experience not to be missed when spending time in Jordan. Its salt levels are much higher than normal seas (10 times more), so swimmers float like corks: sinking your whole body into the water requires a lot of effort! You can benefit from the many minerals found in it: magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc. You can also enjoy the beautiful view over the West Bank and even over Jerusalem’s towers if the weather is clear. Jordan also has many surprises for travellers in the South of the country, where the Red Sea offers some of the best deep-sea diving sites in the world - boasting an exceptional variety of corals. To the South of the city of Aqaba lies a marine park and its must-see coral reef - Yamanieh. Windsurfers and other water sport-lovers will no doubt fall under the charm of the town’s seaside resorts, made even more attractive by its architectural gems, fortified castle and 7th-century ruins.