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Maldivian Rufiyaa

Ultimate dreaming in the Maldives

Blue all around, soft white sand, magical nights perched on stilts ... Hide out in the Indian Oceans' most beautiful atolls.

More than any other, the name "Maldives" summons visions of enchanting landscapes. Lagoons with translucent waters and warm temperature, pure white powdery sand, never ending sunshine and island-luxury hotels are not just a cliché here, they are reality. This "paradise" in the Indian Ocean can be reached step by step. First, from the sky, a cluster of islands reveal themselves one after another in all their majesty as you land on Hulhulé, the islet that houses the international airport of Malé. Even if your holiday resort is on one of the hundreds of island-hotels, make sure to check out the city of Malé, only a few kilometres from the airport, by water taxi or seaplane. You will discover the capital of the Maldives, where the majority of the 400,000 inhabitants of the archipelago live with its high buildings and unique urban atmosphere. In the Maldives, almost every hotel has its own island - they may seem identical from a distance, but you will find that they are all quite different. Like a modern day Robinson Crusoe you will enjoy the luxury, calm and voluptuousness of the islands. In order to pace your stay, go and discover some of the other islands, even for a day, you will appreciate the variety of atolls. Wherever you stay in the Maldives archipelago, the luxurious hotels and array of activities available, as well as the stunning beauty of the landscapes and splendour of the coral reefs will seduce you.


Malé map

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