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Flight from $485 Round trip*

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Norway, the land of happy men where nature reigns

Norway is the biggest and the richest of the Scandinavian states. With less than 5 million inhabitants, it's a country of wide open spaces. Its infrastructure provides easy access to its beautiful countryside, the most spectacular in Europe. Rich in oil, Norway has been able to prioritise a gentle development, with the goal, the happiness of its people.

A holiday in Norway is disorientating and gives you shivers, thanks to the wild beauty of its landscapes of mountains and fjords. Glaciers, waterfalls, high altitude lakes, the Aurora Borealis, midnight sun, many natural wonders, like Trolltunga await you during your stay in Norway. The climate, sometimes harsh in winter, contrasts with the warm welcome that the population has in store for you, one of the happiest people in the world.

Book a flight to Oslo and begin your journey by visiting this modern capital, which is focused on the future. Located on the only fjord in the southern region, Oslo is a peaceful city with many green spaces, with a great cultural offering. A travel guide of Norway will help you find places to visit. The National Gallery has an important collection of European paintings. The Norwegian Folk Museum illustrates the history and culture since the Norwegian Viking Age. Be sure to reserve a table in Oslo, Scandinavian cuisine is excellent and very healthy.

On the road of the northern fjords, the town of Bergen is well worth stopping for. This town with its colourful wooden houses, offers all the typical charm of an ancient Nordic city. It's the gateway to the northern fjords. From there, you are free to relax, surrounded by nature, both wild and majestic. During your treks, on foot or by canoe, you will discover turquoise lakes, numerous peaks and abundant wildlife.